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XML File Format
File Size Last Update
fbo20240424xml.zip 1,485,978 22-Apr-2024 11:02:38 PM PST
fbo20240423xml.zip 63,448 21-Apr-2024 11:00:55 PM PST
SGML File Format Similar to GPO Access
File Size Last Update
Format Notes 2,517 19-Dec-2001 04:26:04 PM PST
fbodaily.dtd 8,703 17-Dec-2001 12:45:18 PM PST
FBO1214.ZIP 198,782 19-Dec-2001 05:42:15 PM PST
FBO1215.ZIP 244,173 19-Dec-2001 05:47:00 PM PST
FBO1216.ZIP 163,638 19-Dec-2001 05:52:11 PM PST
FBO1217.ZIP 22,330 19-Dec-2001 05:54:30 PM PST
FBO1218.ZIP 6,616 19-Dec-2001 05:55:24 PM PST
FBO1219.ZIP 191,557 19-Dec-2001 05:59:07 PM PST
FBO1220.ZIP 198,070 19-Dec-2001 06:11:28 PM PST
Old CBD Style Daily Southtown (<------- type delimiters)
File Size Last Update
Format Notes 6,758 07-Feb-2002 01:05:29 PM PST
CBD1220.ZIP 185,960 20-Dec-2001 06:43:02 PM PST
CBD1221.ZIP 209,960 03-Jan-2002 12:54:41 PM PST

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