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General Services Administration, Federal Technology Service (FTS), Federal Computer Acquisition Center (TFF-1), 5203, Leesburg Pike, Suite 1100, Falls Church, VA, 22041

D -- SMART ACCESS COMMON ID CARD SOL GS-TFF-99-203 DUE 113099 POC David Monahan, Contracting Officer, Phone (703) 605-9818, Fax (703) 605-9895, Email david.monahan@gsa.gov WEB: Visit this URL for the latest information about this, http://www.eps.gov/cgi-bin/WebObjects/EPS?ACode=M&;ProjID=GS-TFF-99-203 &LocID=326. E-MAIL: David Monahan, david.monahan@gsa.gov. The below synopsis for the release of the Smart Card RFP is hereby changed. The release of this document is scheduled to take place within two weeks of this posting. The closing date shall also be adjusted and shall be posted upon release of the RFP. The Smart Access Common ID Card (Smart Card) Request for Proposals (RFP) is scheduled for release on October XX, 1999. The scheduled closing date for the receipt of proposals is November XX, 1999. The Smart Card program will establish a contract vehicle to acquire a common, interoperable multi-application Smart Card. The contracts awarded under this RFP shall be available for the use of all activities and organizations authorized by statute or regulation to use GSA as a source of supply. At a minimum, the ordering organization can use the Smart Card as a Federal employee (active and retired), Armed Services (active and retired), military dependent or Federal beneficiary identification card. The Smart Card shall be capable of providing both physical and/or logical access control. This contract vehicle shall also provide a menu of additional products, functions and services that may be accessed by the ordering organization when implementing a Smart Card program. This acquisition shall be accomplished using Full and Open Competition as defined in FAR Part 6 and the negotiated procedures of FAR Part 15. The Government anticipates and intends to make award on initial offers without discussions. The type of contract shall be a Multiple Award, Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity, Government Wide Acquisition Contract. There shall be a minimum of two and a maximum of five contracts awarded under the base RFP. Under specified limitations, GSA may award additional contracts through an open season for the solicitation of offers. The term of the contract for awards made under the base RFP shall be two years with two additional four-year options. If all options are exercised this will provide for a total contract term of ten years for contracts awarded under the base RFP. The contract period for the initial awards shall be from March 1, 2000 or date of award through February 28, 2002. On the scheduled release date, the RFP can be down loaded from the electronic posting system (www.eps.gov) under the General Services Administration (GSA), Federal Technology Service (FTS), Federal Computer Acquisition Center (TFF-1), Falls Church, VA. Please contact David Monahan, at david.monahan@gsa.gov for further information. Posted 10/29/99 (D-SN396378). (0302)

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