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Notice Date
October 30, 2000
Contracting Office
CECOM Acquisition Center Southwest Operations Office, Attn: AMSEL-AC-CC-E-CB, Building 61801, Room 3210, Fort Huachuca, AZ 85613-6000
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Response Due
November 21, 2000
Point of Contact
Constance Castleton, 520-538-8249
SOURCES SOUGHT no solicitation exists. The Communications and Electronics Command Acquisition Center, southwest Operation Office (CAC-CS) is seeking sources capable of furnishing biometric services and products for the Department of Defense's biometrics activities. Contractor shall provide biometrics software, hardware, peripherals, manuals (user and installation), and support services. Services shall be provided worldwide. Contractor support is required in the Continental United States (CONUS) and Other than Continental United States (OCONUS), which includes but is not limited to Germany, Bosnia, Kosovo, Hungary, Japan, and Republic of Korea. As required, total services shall be provided in operational environments, which will include hostile fire areas where personnel security issues and hazardous duty conditions potentially exist. All biometric products shall be delivered with the manufacturer's standard commercial warranty. If the manufacturer's commercial warranty is not a minimum of 90-days, then the biometric products shall be delivered with a 90-day minimum warranty. All products provided by the Contractor shall be commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS)* based and shall comply with the emerging Biometrics Application Programming Interface (BioAPI) (see www.bioApi.org for standard) standard or shall provide a migration plan to BioAPI (to include milestones and a completion date). All products shall comply with paragraph 6 of Fact Sheet NSTISSP NO. 11, dated January 2000 (see www.nstissc.gov for fact sheet). Examples of biometric technology products that the Contractor shall provide are as follows: 1) Fingerprint verification, 2) Hand geometry, 3) Retinal scanning, 4) Iris scanning, 5) Signature verification, 6) Facial recognition, 7) System utilizing multiple biometrics technologies, 8) voice authentication, (9) gait authentication, and (10) Future biometric categories. This list of products is not all inclusive. *NOTE: Commercial-Off-the-Shelf. The Contractor shall provide new commercial-off-the-shelf material . The Contractor shall furnish biometric products that are state-of-the-art technology and are produced by a manufacturer regularly engaged in the manufacturing of information systems products. Obsolete items or items no longer supported by the manufacturer shall not be used by the Contractor to fulfill the requirements. Commercial-off-the-shelf products shall have passed the original equipment manufacturers acceptance testing. The contractor shall perform the following support services: 1) Troubleshooting; 2) Hardware Maintenance of all hardware products to include maintenance for swappable, non-swappable, and upgrades; 3) Software Maintenance to include all updates/patches and upgrades; 4) Emergency Support: Emergency Hardware/Software Maintenance (24 hours a day, 7-days a week) and Emergency Support for Biometric Hardware and Software Failures and Malfunctions; (5) Non-emergency Biometric Hardware and Software Failures; 6) Installation of Hardware, Software, and Peripherals; 7) Systems Integration; 8) Training: Installation Training and Systems Administrator Training (Government facilities/Contractor facilities); 9) Technical Customer Support On-Line; and 10) Technology Insertion. Deliverables: 1) When possible, Contractor shall provide software upgrades and updates to the Government on-line. 2) The Contractor shall complete delivery of the biometric products within 48 hours of receiving an order from the Government unless stated differently in the order or if the item is not available. Security Clearances: Contractor personnel employed in the performance of integration of biometrics products shall possess at a minimum a SECRET security clearance that shall be adjudicated by the Department of the Army at the time of contract award. The Contractor shall comply with operational security measures that may be required by the Government to protect and control indicators that will give an insight into military operations, plans, or other activities. An offeror interested in being considered for this requirement must provide a capabilities statement electronically to the Government. EMAIL responses to constance.castleton@hqisec.army.mil . RESPONSES are due by 1630 HOURS, AZ MOUNTAIN TIME, 21 NOVEMBER 2000.
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