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Notice Date
September 18, 2000
Contracting Office
Federal Prison Camp, Allenwood, Regional Contracting Office, P.O. Box 1000, Montgomery, PA 17752
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
RFQ 444-0026-0
Response Due
September 26, 2000
Point of Contact
G. F. Garceau, Contract Specialist (570) 547-1641 ext. 548
QUESTIONS AND RESPONSES: The following official responses are provided to questions recieved. The responses provided do not alter the statement of work or otherwise change the terms and conditions of the resultant contract. RFQ 444-026 Mobile MRI Service -- FMC Devens Questions / Answers: Question 1: Will the MRI system be required to be on site 5 days per week? Answer 1: No. The MRI System will be required to be on site on the day scheduled to provide the service. The need to be on site is estimated to be at least once a month for the first year of this contract. Question 2: How many staff are required to be on board during scanning? Answer 2: The service will be rendered Monday through Friday between 7:30 am. And 3:30 p.m excluding federally observed holidays. The compliment of FMC Devens staff will be on board on the day of service. FMC Devens will provide necessary staff support for scheduling the MRI studies and for the safe transport of patients to and from the MRI System. The vendor shall provide all the technical personnel to operate and transport the MRI system. The technologist will be experienced in MRI and trained on the equipment configuration. Question 3: Is a Radiologist on site during reading? Answer 3: No. FMC Devens shall provide the radiologists to professionally interpret the scans produced by the MRI system. It does not imply that the radiologist will be required to be present on the day the MRI studies are done. Question 4: Will images need to be sent via image transmission system for reading? Answer 4: Yes. Question 5: What types of examinations will be ordered? (i.e., Angio MR (MRA)) Answer 5: MRA, MRI. Question 6: Is a current state of the art system required? Answer 6: Yes . Question 7: Should the system be actively shielded? Answer 7: An actively shielded (AS) magnet will be adequate. It should be, at a minimum, an AS 1.0T system capable of MRA acquisitions. Question 8: What field strength do you require, 0.5T, 1.0T, 1.5T? Answer 8: It should be, at a minimum, an AS 1.0T system capable of MRA acquisitions. Question 9: Do you have power outlet 480 volts, 3 phase? Answer 9: Yes. A three phase, 480v electrical supply supporting 150amps is available. Question 10: Do you have a parking site that a mobile trailer can drive into? Answer 10: Yes. There is a pad area of approximately 10' X 42'. The pad is able to support the full weight requirements of a mobile MRI weighing 45,000 -- 60,000 lbs. Question 11: Will a quote be considered that provides a mobile MRI system full-time, and is a 1.0T or 1.5T? Answer 11: No. The estimate usage will be one day a month for the base year. For additional information, please contact G.F. Garceau, Contract Specialist at (570) 547-1641, extension 548.
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