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Department of Veterans Affairs, Contacting Officer (04S), VA Medical & RO Center, 2101 Elm St., Fargo, ND 58102

Z -- CORRECTIONS TO ELECTRICAL DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM SOL 437-39-00 DUE 092500 POC BILL KOLLITZ or ED STALHEIM 701-239-3796 FAX 701-239-3790 Provide all labor, materials, equipment, tools and qualified supervision necessary to completely prepare site for building operations, to perform work for project 437-00-112, electrical distribution systems corrections as required by the specifications. Work shall include but not be limited to the replacement of listed switchgear system breakers; dissambly, cleaning and reassembly of certain breaker output wiring; transformer repair and replacement of transformer load connector elbows and sockets. SIC 1711. Requests for bid materials must be in writing. Estimated construction cost is $25,000 to $100,000. Issue date is 8-25-00. Construction completion time is 120 days Posted 08/25/00 (W-SN490292). (0238)

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