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Z -- REMOVAL AND REPLACEMENT OF ELECTRIAL MATTING SOL N00244-00-R-A014 DUE 091400 POC Nicole Hunga, Contract Specialist (619) 532-2574 Fax: (619) 532-1088 WEB: Click here to download a copy of the RFP, http://www.sd.fisc.navy.mil. E-MAIL: Click here to e-mail the contract specialist, nicole_m_hunga@sd.fisc.navy.mil. FISC San Diego intends to procure through full and open competitive procedures removal and replacement of electrical matting for AIMD Material Control, NAS North Island, San Diego, CA. The contractor will remove and dispose of the existing electrical matting, prepare the cement surface, and install new electrical matting. The contractor will heat weld the seams and caulk the edges. After matting is installed, a 4 inch rubber cove base will be installed. Total square feet is 21,212. Color: Marbleized Blue Nomen: LONS Seal Decking FISC San Diego contemplates the award of a Firm Fixed Price Service Contract, which will be subject to the provisions of the Service Contract Act. Solicitation number N00244-00-R-A014 applies. It is anticipated that a site visit will occur between September 6 -- September 8, 2000. Please view the solicitation for further instructions and details. This procurement is unrestricted and all responsible sources may submit an offer. It is anticipated that the solicitation will be available by August 31, 2000 on the FISC-SD web link below. The solicitation will also be available on the Navy Electronic Commerce Online (NECO) web link http://www.neco.navy.mil. It is the responsibility of the interested parties to independently review the referenced web links frequently for updates to any and all documents. Potential offerors will be responsible for downloading their own copy of the solicitation and amendments (if any). No paper copies of these documents will be issued. DFAR 252.204-7004 Required Central Contractor Registration, applies to all solicitations issued on or after 6/1/98. LACK OF REGISTRATION IN THE CCR DATABASE WILL MAKE AN OFFEROR INELIGIBLE FOR AWARD. Please ensure compliance with this regulation when submitting your offer. Additional CCR information is available at the following web link: http://www.ccr2000.com. Posted 08/25/00 (W-SN490354). (0238)

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