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U.S. Forest Service, Northern Province Acquisitions, 2400 Washington Avenue, Redding, CA 96001

Z -- CHIP SEAL SOL R5-NP-14-00-826 DUE 091300 POC Contact: Terra Speaker, 530-242-2224, Contracting Officer, Cleveland Percy E-MAIL: Click here to request a phone quote, tspeaker@fs.fed.us. Project consists of delivery and spreading of chip seal (oil) on Road 40N44. The project is located on Road 40N44 (Middle Falls Road) located 1 mile south of Highway 89, approximately 8 miles west of McCloud, CA. Price range is $25,000 to $100,000. Contract time is 2 calendar days with and estimated start date of September 15, 2000. Those interested in placing a bid should fax a request to 530-242-2238 stating the solicitation number, your telephone number, and a fax number. You will be contacted for a quote by telephone. No telephonic requests will be accepted, faxed requests only please. Posted 08/25/00 (W-SN490448). (0238)

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