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Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division, Keyport, Attn: Code 1841, 610 Dowell Street, Keyport, WA 98345-7610

53 -- HARDWARE & ABRASIVES SOL N00253-00-Q-0160 DUE 092700 POC Contact Point, Linda Kress Fax 360-396-7036 WEB: Website to download RFQ's., http://kpt-eco.kpt.nuwc.navy.mil/Index.asp. E-MAIL: Acquisition Division mailbox for drawing requests, RFQs@kpt.nuwc.navy.mil. NUWC Division Keyport requires a Bias Line Seal Assembly conforming to Drawing 5781131 Revision A and associated Drawings PL5781131 Revision B, 3221940 Revision C, 5781133 Revision B, PL5781133 Revision A, 5781132 No Revision, 3221943 Revision C, 5586687 No Revision, PL5586887 Revision C, 3221941 Revision F, PL3221941 Revision B, 3209544 Revision B, and 5586689 No Revision. Simplified Acquisition Procedures apply. All solicitation packages will be available for down load via NUWC Division Keyport web site (see below) on or about 06 Sept 00. Drawing request will need to be made via e-mail (see below). All responsible Small Business sources may submit a quotation, which if timely received, shall be considered by the agency. Award shall be made on or about 27 Sept. 00. Note 1 and 26***** Posted 08/22/00 (W-SN488916). (0235)

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