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International Boundary & Water Commission, United States Section, The Commons, Building C, Suite 310, 4171 N Mesa St., El Paso TX 79902-1441

47 -- 1,200 MM ISO DUCTILE IRON PIPE WITH CONCRETE LINING, ELBOW, AND PIECES SOL RFQ H-19-00 DUE 091300 POC Colleen Elliott (915)832-4714 WEB: IBWC, Acq. Div., http://www.ibwc.state.gov. E-MAIL: Click here to contact the contracting officer via, colleenelliott@ibwc.state.gov. The International Boundary & Water Commission, United States Section, has a requirement for a firm-fixed price commercial item contract for approximately 9,000 linear meters of 1,2000 mm ISO ductile iron pipe with cement lining, and elbows and pieces for delivery to Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico. Simplified acquisition procedures will be used for the commercial item acquisition. Tentative dates for issuing and opening RFQ H-19-00 are August 4, 2000 and September 13, 2000, respectively. Contract performance period is scheduled at 180 calendar days after contract award. Quotes will be available for inspection at the International Boundary & Water Commission, US Section, 4171 North Mesa, Building C, Suite 224, El Paso, Texas 79902-1441. Copies of the bid packages are available at no charge. All requests for bid documents must be in writing by August 2, 2000, no telephone or facsimile request will be accepted. Requests for bid documents must be sent to the preceding address, ATTN: Irma Gurrola.Requests must include business name, point of contact, address, telephone and fax numbers (include area code), e-mail address (if available), and RFQ number. The standard industry classification (SIC) code for this acquisition is 3321 for Gray and Ductile Iron Foundries. The small business size standard is 500 employees. All responsible sources may submit an offer which will be considered. Posted 07/14/00 (W-SN475252). (0196)

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