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Natural Resources Conservation Service, 1835 Assembly Street, Rm. 950, Columbia, SC 29201

Z -- REPAIR OF STORM DAMAGE ON FLOOD PREVENTION CHANNELS AND APPURTENANT AREAS SOL NRCS-13-SC-00 DUE 050400 POC Frank Killian 803-253-3974 E-MAIL: e-mail address of contracting officer, frank.killian@sc.usda.gov. Repairs to Simpson Creek Watershed Channel, located in Horry County South Carolina, including the removal and disposal of debris, the removal of sand and silt deposits, the repairing of eroded areas of the channel and associated right-of-way, the installation of geotextile and gravel filled Geoweb side inlet channel crossings, the installation of HDPE side inlet pipes, grading and smoothing of the right-of-way, and seeding. A site showing will be held at 9:30 AM, April 18, 2000. Prospective bidders shall meet at Room 125 of the USDA Service Center, located at 1949 Industrial Park Road, Conway, South Carolina. Call 843-365-7645 for directions. Performance time is 101 calendar days. The estimated price is in the range of $100,000 to $250,000. The solicitation, No. NRCS-13-SC-00, will be available for mailing on April 5, 2000. Written requests for the solicitation should be submitted to Frank Killian, fax no. 803-253-3670. Posted 03/21/00 (W-SN436765). (0081)

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