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Us Army Cecom, Logistics And Engineering Operations Directorate, Ft. Monmouth, New Jersey 07703-5000

58 -- MARKET SURVEY FOR BATTERY STATE OF CHARGE METER DUE 033100 POC Luis A. Torres, Project Leader, (732) 532-4612 E-MAIL: CECOM POC, Torres@mail1.monmouth.army.mil. This is a market survey to locate sources for a commercially available Lithium State of Charge Meter. Quantities have not been definitized at this time and will be affected by the availability, capability and affordability of any testers identified by this survey. Detailed technical data for the manufacture and acceptance of this item is not available from the Army. Suppliers capable of furnishing this item must so indicate by writing to the Commander, CECOM, ATTN: AMSEL-LC-P-PST (TORRES), Fort Monmouth, NJ 07703-5000. The response should include specifications and test results, if available. In an effort to facilitate adding additional batteries in the future, we are looking for a portable meter, battery powered, with AC adapter (both USA and Europe), with all functions common to all batteries in a generic meter and the battery specific functions in an adapter. An alternate solution to easily add additional batteries at a later date will be considered. The meter and adapters should be capable of testing these LiSO2 and MnO2 batteries: BA-5800, BA-5590, BA-5368, BA-5374, BA-5112, BA-5374 and BA-5588. For additional information contact Luis Torres at 732-532-4612 or TORRESL@mail1.monmouth.army.mil. Posted 03/02/00 (W-SN430528). (0062)

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