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13 -- MK76 MOD 5 PRACTICE BOMB, 25LB, TWIN AND BULK PACKS SOL DAAA0900R0040 DUE 022500 POC Contract Specialist: Patrick Lootens, (309) 782-5936. Procuring Contracting Officer: Mary S. Adams, (309) 782-4841. WEB: "Click here to download a copy of the RFP.", http://www4.ioc.army.mil/scripts/padds_web/open4.asp. E-MAIL: "Click here to contact the Contracting Office via, lootensp@ioc.army.mil. This notification revises the announcement posted in the CBDNet, 23 Nov 99, Submission No. 403206, which was published in the CBD o/a 25 Nov 99. The total quantity, MK76 MOD 5 Practice Bomb, 25LB, Twin Pack is increased to 154,490 EA. The total quantity, MK76 MOD 5 Practice Bomb, 25LB, Bulk Pack is increased to 259,605 EA. FY99 and 00 programs. 100% evaluated option. The balance of the information provided at the original announcement remains unchanged. Posted 01/25/00 (W-SN418889). (0025)

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