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16 -- AN/AWG-27 PROGRAMMABLE ARMAMENT CONTROL SET (PACS), PRODUCTION PROGRAM FOR THE F-15 SOL F33657-00-R-0014 DUE 021400 POC Melanie Moore,(937) 255-3913, ext. 2408 WEB: 00R0014-AN/AWG-27 Programmable Armament Control Set, http://www.pixs.wpafb.af.mil/pixslibr/00R0014/00R0014.asp. E-MAIL: Melanie.Moore1@wpafb.af.mil, Melanie.Moore1@wpafb.af.mil. Background "17. This CBD announcement constitutes a Sources Sought Synopsis to seek interested sources able to meet the fabrication, assembly, and test requirements associated with the production of an upgrade to the AN/AWG-27 Programmable Armament Control Set (PACS) for the F-15E aircraft. The Engineering and Manufacturing Development (E&MD) for the upgrade was completed under contract F33657-84-C-0228 with The Boeing Company with Dynamic Controls Hamilton Sunstrand (DCHS) being the subcontractor for hardware and software development. The Programmable Armament Control Set (PACS) is the stores management system for the F-15E. The PACS consists of four sub-systems: Converter Programmer (C-P), Electronics Sequencing Unit (ESU), Encoder/Decoder (E/D) and Power Supply (PS). Only the C-P and ESU have been redesigned to provide for future weapons growth, input/output provisions, and expanded avionics bus provisions, improved reliability, maintainability and supportability. The PACS upgraded hardware mustbe certified for nuclear weapon capability. In addition, the software, associated support equipment changes and weapon interface cabling, being developed by Boeing/DCHS for Smart Weapon capability for the F-15E (contract F33657-99-C-2008), must be integrated with the upgraded hardware. Under this effort, the contractor will be required to design, build, integrate, and provide retrofit kits for the F-15E modifications to install the upgrade to the AWG-27. The production of hardware changes designed under contract F33675-99-C-2008 will also be a part of the production effort of the upgrade AN/AWG-27. The installed functional performance of the upgraded AWG-27 shall be equal to or better than that of the AWG-27 (-30) with the Operational Flight Program (OFP) Suite 4 software (contract F33657-98-C-0003) installed. Only minor/limited modifications to aircraft interfaces shall be allowed except for the MIL-STD-1760 interface for Smart Weapons. The upgrade system shall contain all weapon modes in the AWG-27. Additionally, existing support equipment must support the upgrade system. Only minor modifications to the support equipment will be acceptable. No certified reprocurement data is available. Small Businesses are hereby notified of potential subcontracting opportunities for this acquisition. Point of contact is the Director of Procurement at the Boeing Company, (314) 232-9154. The F-15 Development System Office at Aeronautical Systems Center (ASC/FBA), Wright-Patterson AFB, OH proposes to award a contract for this effort during the first quarter of FY01. Direct any routine communications concerning this acquisition to Ms. Melanie Moore, Contract Negotiator, (937) 255-3913, ext. 2408 or Ms. Lisa M. Adams, (937) 255-3913 ext. 2404, Contracting Officer, ASC/FBAKE, 2300 D Street, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 45433-7249, FAX (937) 656-4263. The technical point of contact is Mr. David B. Lemming, ASC/FBAEA, (937) 255-3913, ext. 2472. An Ombudsman has been established for this acquisition. The only purpose of the Ombudsman is to receive and communicate serious concerns from potential offerors when an offeror prefers not to use established channels to communicate his/her concern during the proposal development phase of this acquisition. Potential offerors should use established channels to request information, pose questions, and voice concerns before resorting to use of the Ombudsman. Potential offerors are invited to contact ASC's Ombudsman (Mr. Stephen Plaisted, ASC/SY, 1790 10th Street, Room 102.01, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 45433-7642, email Stephen.Plaisted@wpafb.af.mil, phone number (937) 255-9095), with serious concerns only. Interested firms should submit sufficient information that will permit evaluation of technical capabilities in writing to ASC/FBAKE, Bldg 32, 2300 D Street, Wright-Patterson AFB OH 45433-7017. See Note 26." Posted 01/11/00 (D-SN415031). (0011)

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