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U.S. Department of Commerce/National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration/OFA/AGFS/AMD -- OFA51, 1305 East West Highway -- Station 7604, Silver Spring, Maryland 20910

58 -- LEASE OF C-BAND WEATHER RADAR SOL 52-DGNW-0-90006 POC Greg Smith, 301-713-0823 x118, or by fax at 301-713-0806 WEB: once issued, click here to download a copy of the solicitation, http://www.rdc.noaa.gov/~amd/index.html. E-MAIL: click here to contact the Contracting Officer, Gregory.N.Smith@noaa.gov. NOAA intends to lease a C-band (5300 to 5700 MHz) weather radar which shall be capable of displaying reflectivity up to 125 nautical miles and, optionally, Doppler velocity data. The system is to include: antenna, tower, trailer with radar equipment, and display. The antenna, tower, and trailer/radar is to be located at the Evansville (Indiana) Regional Airport. The radar display equipment is to be located at the National Weather Service's Weather Forecast Office (WFO) in Paducah, Kentucky. The lease period is for one year plus two one-year option periods. The contract will require site preparation and installation (tower foundation, power, and perimeter fence), maintenance, supply support, operations manual, and operator training. Requirements include one display for reflectivity and optional display for Doppler velocity in the WFO. All responsible sources may submit a solicitation for consideration by the agency. Requests for the solicitation shall be in writing and may be faxed to (301) 713-0806. The solicitation is expected to be issued by December 1, 1999. Once issued, the solicitation is expected to be made available via the Internet at the following address: "http://www.rdc.noaa.gov/~amd/index.html." Proposals will be due within 30 days following issuance of the solicitation. This is a small business set-aside (NTE 750 employees) under SIC code 3812. See Notes 1 and 26. Posted 10/22/99 (W-SN394061). (0295)

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