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58 -- ATM SWICTH SOL N00244-00-T-0067 DUE 111099 POC ROSS VARGAS Tel:909-273-4609 Fax:909-273-4305 1 ea.Newbridge ATM Switch p/n:36177 to be use to tie Oceana TACTS the Large Area Tracking Range System, the Shallow Water Training Range System and the Tracking Instrumentation Subsystem at existing Merrimon and Starling into the existing Newbridge communication system located at Cherry Point,NC. ATM Switch must be compatible with existing Newbridge communication system. This is a non-competitive procurement to Newbridge Networks being the OEM of the existing communications system. Simplified Acquisition Procedure via written RFQ will be utilized. A fax request for RFQ#N00244-00-T-0067 at fax:909-273-4305 will be accepted. Anticipated award date of 10 Nov 1999.All responsible sources may submit a quote which will be considered. Posted 10/22/99 (W-SN394272). (0295)

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