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Department of the Air Force, Air Education and Training Command, Randolph AFB Contracting Office, 395 B Street West Suite 2, Randolph AFB, TX, 78150-4525

38 -- REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION OF WALLCOVERING IN VAQ SOL F41691-99-Q0545 POC Sylvia Clark, Contract Specialist, Phone 210-652-5178 ext 3043, Fax 210-652-7486, Email sylvia.clark@randolph.af.mil -- Daniel Gonzales, Contract Specialist, Phone 210-652-5145, Fax 210-652-7486, Email WEB: Visit this URL for the latest information about this, http://www.eps.gov/cgi-bin/WebObjects/EPS?ACode=P&;ProjID=F41691-99-Q05 45&LocID=464. E-MAIL: Sylvia Clark, sylvia.clark@randolph.af.mil. A nonappropriated fund instrumentality (NAFI) at Randolph AFB has a requirement to remove existing wallcovering, prepare walls as required, and install new wallcovering in the Visiting Airman_s Quarters (VAQ), buildings 861 and 862. The wallcovering will be provided by the NAFI organization. This is a nonappropriated fund purchase and it does not obligate appropriated funds of the United States Government. Nonappropriated funds are generated by the military community through the sale of goods and services and the collection of fees and charges for participation in military community programs. This purchase does not involve federal tax dollars. The request for proposal (RFP) will be posted on the Electronic Posting System at website www.eps.gov, for downloading, approximately 15 days after the publication of this synopsis. Offerors interested in a site visit must contact Sylvia P. Clark. Posted 09/08/99 (D-SN377889). (0251)

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