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59 -- AN/STC-2 (V) INTEGRATED VOICE COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEM POC Contact Evelyn Lamendola, 703/602-8200 ext. 410/Contracting Officer, Thomas Bikowski, 703/602-0204 ext. 422 The Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) intends to issue a request for proposal for three (3) FY00 Voice Integrated Communications Systems (IVCS) for the ARLIEGH BURKE DDG 51 CLASS AEGIS DESTROYERS as well as one (1) FY00 Switching Center, to replace the water damaged IVCS equipment on a DDG 78 ship. The request for proposal also includes options for three (3) or four (4) FY01, three (3) FY02, and three (3) or four (4) FY03 Voice Integrated Communications Systems (IVCS) for the ARLIEGH BURKE DDG 51 CLASS AEGIS DESTROYERS. This request for proposal will be issued to L3 Communications Corporation, 1 Federal Street, Camden, NJ 08102. The AN/STC-2 (V) IVCS is a processor controlled militarized voice communications system that is capable of providing reliable, survivable interior voice communication service in Navy combatant ships. The systems will be delivered from February 2002 through August 2005. L3 Communications Corporation, formerly Lockheed Martin Communications Systems, is the only firm that currently possesses the requisite knowledge and experience to provide the needed effort and supplies within the required timeframe. No other source has the technical qualifications and the necessary resources to perform the work described herein, nor will any other supplies or services satisfy the Navy's requirements. Companies interested in subcontracting opportunities should contact L3 Communications Corporation. "Production Requirements -- The production of the supplies listed requires a substantial initial investment or an extended period of preparation for manufacture." (See Numbered Note 22) Posted 08/18/99 (W-SN369394). (0230)

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