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Department of the Army and Air Force, NGB, USPFO for Maine, Camp Keyes, Augusta, Maine 04333-0032

23 -- HYDRAULIC DOUBLE DROP WITH REMOVABLE GOOSENECK TRAILER SOL DAHA17-99-Q-0019 DUE 081999 POC Mrs. Darlene Howes, 207-626-4559 E-MAIL: Please contact the Contracting Office via e-mail if, P&CME@me-arng.ngb.army.mil. SOL: DAHA17-99-Q-0019 DUE: 081999, POC: Darlene R. Howes, Contract Specialist, (207)626-4559. (Site Code DAHA17) The Maine Army National Guard is soliciting the purchase of a 55 Ton Hydraulic Double Drop with Removable Gooseneck Trailer but, The potential may be there for two identical trailers. The specified for 55 Ton Hydraulic Double Drop with Removable Gooseneck Trailer shall have the Following Features: DIMENSION: Length: 22 Feet Main Deck, 102 Deck Width. CAPACITY: 100,000 Concentrated Capacity in 16 feet span, 110,000 Uniform Capacity. STRUCTURE: 12 feet hydraulic self-lifting detachable narrow gooseneck with 98 inch swing clearance. Hydraulic gooseneck support arm with air-activated positive self-locking pin. 64" High loaded 5th wheel height. 13 HP engine on hydraulic system self-contained Power Pak. One pair D-rings on gooseneck, mid point each side. Dual kingpins, interchangeable with 2 inch x 3-1/2 inch sizes furnished. RAMPS: 31 inch Hinged folding front loading ramps. DECK: 22 inches x 102inches Wide, 2 feet Additional deck length to achieve maximum 30 degrees rise to rear deck. 22 inch Loaded deck height with an 8 inch ground clearance. 1-3/4 inch Apitong decking on main and rear decks. Four I-beam main frame construction, full length main deck. TIA 100,000LB PSI yield strength steel construction of 4 beam design. 10 inch I-beam crossmembers on 24 inch centers. Twelve swing-out HD outriggers with planks on 2 feet centers on each side of deck to extend to 10 feet-6 inch width. Six D-rings each side of main deck, evenly spaced. Rear deck height will be 40 inches. One D-ring at each corner, rear deck for a total 4. Full width wood-filled rear deck, extending over bolsters between tires, with metal floor plate over crown of tires. SUSPENSION: Tri-axle air-ride suspension. Manual control raise/lower valve for suspension. AXLES: Three 22,500# axles BRAKES: 16-1/2 inch by 7 inch Air brakes. Automatic slack adjusters. ABS SYSTEM: Four Sensor/2 Modulator anti-lock brake system. TIRES: 255/70RX22.5, 16 Ply radial tires. Spare Tire/Wheel LIGHTS: Rubber mounted sealed lights with sealed harness system. Mid-turn signal/clearance light. Sealed electrical system per DOT Regulations Seven pole electrical socket. FINISH: Prime paint only. MUD FLAPS: Required. COMPATIBLE: Trailer compatible with Military M916, M916A1 and M920 Tractors. Hauling D7R Compactor 815F. REQUIREMENT: Trailer meets all ICC Specifications. A Firm Fixed Price order will be issued with a delivery date of 120 days after Purchase Order award. Anticipated award date is on or about the 21st of September 1999. Request for Quotations (RFQ) must be obtained in writing. Faxed request will be honored. NO TELEPHONE REQUESTS WILL BE ACCEPTABLE. RFQ's may be obtained by writing to Mrs. Darlene Howes, USPFO for Maine, Building #39, Camp Keyes, Augusta, ME 04333-0032 or Faxing requests to (207)626-4533. Requests must contain complete company name and address. Posted 07/21/99 (W-SN357134). (0202)

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