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54 -- WATER TANK FOR KC-135 STRATOTANKER SOL F0470099R0027 DUE 070999 POC Senah Williams (661) 277-7708 WEB: DIRECTORATE OF CONTRACTING, http://afftc_pk.elan.af.mil/oasis/index.htm. E-MAIL: DIRECTORATE OF CONTRACTING, senah.williams@edex.edwards.af.mil. The Air Force Flight Test Center (AFFTC), Edwards AFB, CA, is seeking sources for an anticipated requirement for water tank(s) to carry water as cargo aboard a KC-135 Stratotanker. The water will be stored in one or more tanks which will be mounted to pallets and secured to the floor of the cargo area. There will be no more than four pallets in the aircraft. The water will be drained from the tank(s) and expelled from the aircraft during flight. The supplier will provide the water tanks and the Air Force will integrate the tanks, supports structure, and various other components to the pallets. The minimum requirements are as follows: CAPACITY -- The total water storage capacity must be 2000 U.S. gallons. This volume may be divided among more than one tank as dictated by weight limits, cargo door dimensions, or other restrictions. DIMENSIONS -- The length of each tank must be no greater than 108 inches. The height of each tank must be 60 inches or less; the height is measured from the top of the tank to the floor the of the aircraft. The width of each tank may not exceed 84 inches. WEIGHT -- May not exceed 6,000 lbf of load on a single pallet. This includes the weight of the tanks when full of water as well as any mounting structure. CRASH LOAD SURVIVABILITY -- (a)The tank(s) must be provided with attachment points for a mounting structure which will secure it(them) to a cargo pallet. When loaded at the attachment points the tank(s) must be able to survive the following crash load factors while full of water: 9.0g Forward, 1.5g Aft; 1.5g Right and Left; and 4.5g Down, 2.0g Up. b) Structural justification in the form of a written stress analysis report will be required. At a minimum, the supplier must provide the Air Force with enough information about the tank design and construction to perform a structural analysis which would verify that the tank(s) can in fact survive the above load factors. MATERIAL -- The tank(s) must be made of stainless steel. CORROSION -- The tank(s) must be sufficiently protected against the corros ive influence of water. SLOSH BAFFLES are required inside the tank(s). HOLES, CUTOUTS, ETC. -- Each tank must have an opening large enough for an average adult to fit through with a removable cover to seal the opening. Each tank must have a hole and fitting in the bottom for drainage. The fitting must protrude from the wall of the tank such that a hose can be attached. Each tank must have a venting capability. Each tank must have an inlet hole in the top with a threaded fitting and cap. Drawings and design review may be required. The following options are desired but not required: 1) Water level sensor that measures the water accurately with the tanks tilted up to 20 degrees from level and also output and electrical signal. 2) Supplier performed structural analysis with a provided stress analysis report. 3) Downward extending tank sump in the bottom of the tank 4) Support structure for mounting tank(s) to pallets. Structure must meet crash load requirements. 5) Air vent fitting to include a manual valve that can be closed to prevent the flow of air or water. Sources interested in responding to this market survey are requested to provide a capabilities statement addressi ng the above not later than 9 July 1999. The statement must include relevant background/experience and size of company. Please send all relevant information to: Jason Smith, Instrumentation Engineer, 412TW/TSIDI 25 N. Wolfe Ave. Edwards AFB CA 93524-8300 (661) 275-4465 or email to jason.smith@email.edwards.af.mil or to Tari Plante, Acquisition Management, 412TW/TSI 25 N. Wolfe Ave. Edwards AFB CA 93524-8300 (661) 275-4497 or email to tari.plante@email.edwards.af.mil. Posted 06/09/99 (D-SN341167). (0160)

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