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Commander (VPL), U.S. Coast Guard, Maintenance & Logistics Command Atlantic, 300 East Main Street, Suite 600, Norfolk, VA 23510-9102

J -- DRYDOCK REPAIRS TO USCGC CHINCOTEQUE (WPB-1320) SOL DTCG80-99-B-3FC855 DUE 070699 POC C. Floyd, Contract Specialist, (757)628-4653 or Ms. Vanessa A. Nemara, Contracting Officer, (757)628-4634 WEB: IFB, http://osdbudweb.dot.gov. E-MAIL: Contract Specialist or Contracting Officer, cfloyd@mlca.uscg.mil. Provide all labor, material, and equipment necessary to perform drydock repairs including, but not limited to the following items: 1) Welding repairs, 2) Clean and Inspect Diesel Fuel and Waste Oil Tanks, 3) Clean, Inspect, and Disinfect Potable Water Tank(s), 4) Preserve Potable Water Tank(s) 5) Clean and Inspect Sewage and Grey Water Collection and Holding Tank(s), 6) Preserve Sewage and Grey Water Collection and Holding Tank(s), 7) Inspect and Renew Skeg Top Plate In Engine Room, 8) Change Out Forward Peak (Forepeak) Hatch (ShipAlt No. 110-C-067, 9) Inspect Bronze Sleeves in Various Shaft Packing Areas, 10) Remove, Inspect, and Reinstall Propeller Shafts, 11) Straighten Propeller Shaft, 12) Renew Water Lubricated Propeller Shaft Bearings, 13) Remove and Reinstall Propellers, 14) Repair Propeller Root Erosion, 15) Inspect MDE 8-inch Exhaust Flapper Valves and MDE Exhaust Piping, 16) Preserve V850 Color Depth Sounder Transducer Hull Ring, 17) Install Tank and Compartment Vent Goosenecks and Inverted Check Valves (ShipAlt No. 110-B-058), 18) Improve Ship's Ventilation (ShipAlt No. 110-C-064), 19) Overhaul, Renew, and Test Valves, 20) Inspect and Overhaul Duplex Sea Strainers, 21) Remove and Reinstall Rudders, 22) Renew Rudder Bearings, 23) Overhaul Stabilizing Fins, 24) Renew Lower Fin Stock Bearing, 25) Overhaul Sewage Pump Assembly, 26) Preserve Forepeak Compartment, 27) Prepare and Prime Weather Decks, 28) Preserve Underwater Body, 29) Preserve Bilge Areas Below Fin Stabilizers, 30) Prepare and Prime Freeboard, 31) Preserve Aluminum Mast, 32) Inspect and Maintain Cathodic Protection System, 33) Renew Reference Electrode, 34) Renew Cathodic Anode, 35) Renew Capastic Fairing, 36) Provide Temporary Messing, 37) Provide Temporary Berthing, 38) Ultrasonic Testing, 39) Provide Temporary Logistics, 40) Routine Drydocking. Vessel's availability schedule will be 13 September 1999 for 49 days. Vessel's homepier is in Mobile, AL. There will be a nonrefundable charge of $100.00 in the form of a certified check or money order payable to the U.S. Coast Guard for requested drawings. Plans and specifications will be issued on or after 06 July 1999. All responsible sources may submit an offer which shall be considered by the United States Coast Guard. This Notice is for information purposes for Minority, Women-Owned and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises: The Department of Transportation (DOT) Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU) has a listed program to assist minority, women-owned and disadvantaged business enterprises to acquire short-term working capital assistance for transportation-related contracts. Loans are available under the DOT Short Term Lending Program (STLP) at prime interest rates to provide accounts receivable financing. The maximum line of credit is $500,000. For further information and applicable forms concerning the STLP, call the OSDBU at (800)532-1169. For information concerning the acquisition, contact the Contracting Official listed above. See Note 26. Posted 05/17/99 (W-SN332355). (0137)

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