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Bureau of Reclamation, Acquisition Operations Group, Code D-7810, Denver Federal Center, PO Box 25007, Denver CO 80225

66 -- BATTERY DISCHARGE TEST SET SOL 99SQ810352 DUE 052199 POC Marty Quinlan by fax (303)445-6345 WEB: AAMS Current Solicitation Listing, http://www.usbr.gov/aamsden. E-MAIL: Marty Quinlan, mquinlan@do.usbr.gov. The Bureau of Reclamation has a requirement for a Torkel Model 720 battery load unit with case and leads, two TXL external load boxes with cases and leads, and an IOtech 64-channel portable data recorder battery monitoring system with modules and software. The battery discharge test set is comprised of the following 4 items: 1) Torkel Model 720 battery load unit, complete with shipping case and leads; 2) TXL external load unit, complete with shipping case and leads; 3) Chart Scan/1400 with four CSN 14LV/T modules and CIM Scan 75 software (battery monitoring software); and 4) Battery cell harness comprised of 61 test leads with Mueller No. 27 clips, insulating boot on one end and bare conductor on the other end, fifteen-foot, 18 gauge test leads, set of 61 leads. The system must be able to be shipped and be portable; per load unit -- less than 50 pounds; per load unit including shipping case weight -- less than 80 pounds; less than 24 inches by 24 inches by 24 inches per load unit; Load Current—constant current regulation; continuous current rating of 150 A at 125VDC; thermal and overload protection; Monitoring System -- measure 60 cell battery set, include wire harness to cells, be capable of controlling (stop and start) load unit, and provide per cell voltage data. Request For Quotations (RFQ) No. 99SQ810352 can be accessed only from our site address http://ideasec.usgs.gov. The SIC Code and small business size standard for this procurement are 3825 and 500 employees, respectively. All qualified responsible small business sources may submit a quotation which shall be considered by the agency. Quotations for the items described in the RFQ may be submitted electronically but Section K must be printed out and faxed or Standard Form 18 and Section K can be printed and faxed to the identified point of contact in the RFQ by 4:30 p.m. MDT on May 21, 1999. Notice: No written solicitations will be issued. Posted 05/07/99 (W-SN328989). (0127)

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