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U.S. Department Of Energy, Document Control Specialist, Washington, DC 20585

Z -- RENOVATIONS OF THE FORRESTAL COMPLEX SOL DE-FB01-99AD66887 DUE 042999 POC Ronald Barnes, Contract Specialist, 202-426-0097 SECOND NOTIFICATION. Provide the U. S. Department of Energy with all labor, material, equipment and supervision to perform building renovations at the DOE James Forrestal building (Washington, D.C.) in accordance with the solicitation. This acquisition is being procured under the Emerging Small Business Competitiveness Demonstration Program and is UNRESTRICTED. For informational purposes the SIC code is 1541. The estimated cost of this procurement is between $1,000,000 and $5,000.000. THERE WILL BE A LIMITED NUMBER (90) OF DRAWINGS AND SPECIFICATIONS AVAILABLE FOR THIS PROCUREMENT AND WILL BE DISTRIBUTED ON A FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS. THE COST OF EACH SET OF DRAWINGS AND SPECIFICATIONS IS $190, WHICH MUST BE IN THE FORM OF A MONEY ORDER OR COMPANY CHECK MADE PAYABLE TO THE U.S. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY. FIRMS WHO DO NOT WANT TO RECEIVE THE DRAWINGS AND SPECIFICATIONS BY U.S. MAIL MAY COME IN PERSON TO OBTAIN THE DOCUMENTS. FIRMS WHO MAY WANT TO OBTAIN THE DOCUMENTS IN PERSON WILL BRING THEIR CHECK, A LETTER REQUESTING THE DOCUMENTS BE RELEASED TO THEM IN PERSON AND TO CALL 202-426-0143 TO ARRANGE FOR A TIME TO PICKUP THE DOCUMENTS. THE ADDRESS FOR HAND PICKUP OF DOCUMENTS IS 950 L'ENFANT PLAZA, SW, WASHINGTON, DC. FOR REQUESTS BY U.S. MAIL "WRITTEN REQUESTS" TO U.S. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY, ATTN: DOCUMENT CONTROL SPECIALIST (MA-54), 1000 INDEPENDENCE AVENUE, SW, WASHINGTON, DC 20585-1615. FIRMS WILL BE LIMITED TO TWO (2) SETS OF DRAWINGS AND SPECIFICATIONS. NO FACSIMILE REQUESTS. The solicitation was issued on March 30, 1999. Copies of the solicitation and amendments without attachments will also be available by downloading from the Internet from the "Current Business Opportunities at Headquarters Procurement Services" home page located at address: http://www.pr.doe.gov/solicit.html It is the responsibility of prospective bidders, after receipt of solicitation, to notify the Contract Specialist of their intent to bid. ***** Posted 04/05/99 (W-SN316518). (0095)

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