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Cdr, AMC Acquisition Center, Edgewood Branch, Attn: STEAA-AP-E, 5183 Blackhawk Road, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD 21010-5424

42 -- JOINT SERVICES GENERAL PURPOSE MASK SOL DAAD13-98-R-0045 POC Thomas Dickson, (410) 436-8621, FAX (410) 436-8621 contract specialist, Diane Street, (410) 436-2428, contracting officer WEB: RFP titled, http://www.sbccom.apgea.army.mil/srs/amcac/index.html. E-MAIL: click here to contact the contracting officer via, tadickso@apgea.army.mil. The Department of Defense (DoD) has a requirement to develop and manufacture a Joint Service General Purpose Mask for issue as a replacement for the M40/42 series and MCU-2/P series masks currently in use by the U.S. Army and U.S. Marine ground and combat vehicle operations; and the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy ground applications. This acquisition, which will be based on full and open competition, contemplates a single contract that covers multiple phases of the acquisition process. The initial phase, Program Definition and Risk Reduction (PDRR) will cover a period of performance of 2 years. Option 1, Engineering Manufacturing and Development (EMD) will cover a period of performance of 3 years. Options 2 and 3, Full Scale Production will span 10 years, and Option 4, Contractor Logistic Support, will run concurrently with production. The Government may award up to two contracts for the PDRR effort depending on funding availability and uniqueness of proposed concepts with a down-select decision prior to exercising the option for the EMD phase. The Full-scale Production phase will consist of a ten (10) requirements contract with concurrent CLS, and a multi-year effort running concurrently with the first five years of requirements. Various pricing arrangments are contemplated as follows: PDRR, Cost Plus Fixed Fee; EMD and CLS, Cost Plus Incentive Fee; and Production, Fixed Price Incentive (Successive Target). The successful offeror(s) will be required to have a security clearance up to and including the Secret level. Sections of a Second Draft RFP were issued on and about March 27, 1999, and may be accessed at the following Internet address: http://www.sbccom.apgea.army.mil/srs/amcac/index.html, by clicking on the "Draft RFP Button" and selecting the Second Draft RFP titled "Joint Service General Purpose Mask". Questions and comments received from industry on the Second Draft RFP will be considered and incorporated, as appropriate, in the release of any final RFP. Any final RFP will be released on orabout April 30, 1999, with proposals due 45 calendar days thereafter. A digest of the presentations and questions and answers generated during the Pre-solicitation Conference on 17 to 18 November 1998, including questions and answers generated since that date have been consolidated and posted to the Internet address http://www.sbccom.apgea.army.mil/srs/amcac/index.html under the RFP DAAD13-98-R-0045 for all potential offerors. Additional information on the JSGPM program may be Accessed at http://www.cbdcom.apgea.army.mil/RDA/pmnbc. Numbered Notes 9 and 26 apply. Posted 04/21/99 (W-SN322646). (0111)

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