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59 -- POWER SUPPLY-RECEIVER SOL sp092098qa133 DUE 010599 POC julia joseph 614-692-7622/fax 614-692-6911 WEB: DScc solicitations on the web, http://www.dscc.dla.mil/rfq/. ype9825400055 nsn 6625-01-312-8743, power supply-receiver resolicited as sp092099qa133 (original sol nr was sp0900tm076) issued 12/22/98 and due 01/05/99. if you quoted on the original sol nr please requote as this has increased in quantity to 47 each and we need price breaks up to 75 each as this is a possible indefinite delivery purchase order award. hewlett-packard (28480) p/n HP-8481D, hewlett-packard (28480) p/n 8481D. 60 days delivery. the contractor's attention is directed to clause s-46. the award would be viable for up to 12 months for $100,000 whichever comes first. FAILURE TO AGREE TO THIS CLAUSE WILL AFFECT AN AWARD DECISION FOR THE SOLICITED QUANTITY. All responsible sources may submit an offer/quote which shall be considered. This solicitation will be available on the Internet at http://www.dscc.dla.mil/rf 15 days after this notice is published in the CBD. REquests for hard copies of this solicitation will not be accepted. Posted 12/08/98 (W-SN278317). (0342)

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