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Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, 500 West Fort St., Boise, ID 83702

Z -- TB ISOLATION & ICU SOL 531-31-98 DUE 092798 POC Carol Grant Barr Contractor is required to provide all labor, materials, equipment and supervision to provide TB, Isolation & ICU. ALL REQUESTS FOR BID DOCUMENTS MUST BE IN WRITING. Scope of Work: This project will install a new roof mounted exhaust fan, hepa filter, and associated ductwork to exhaust two rooms within ICU. The exhaust fan will be variable speed. A control system will be installed to monitor the pressure in the rooms and vary the speed of the exhaust fan to maintain the required negative pressure. Other work will include electrical for new fan and roofing work necessary to install new fan on roof. Subject to the availability of funds. Estimated construction cost range is between $25,000 and $100,000. SIC is 1542. Bid documents will be released, to those sending a written request, on or about 8/27/98 with bid opening on or about 9/29/98. Verify actual dates and times on solicitation documents. This procurement is unrestricted, all responsible/responsive sources may submit a bid which will be considered by the agency. Posted 07/23/98 (W-SN227820). (0204)

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