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Z -- INDEFINITE DELIVERY INDEFINITE QUANTITY (IDIQ) CONSTRUCTION CONTACTS FOR RENOVATION, ALTERATIONS IMPROVEMENTS, REPAIRS, MINOR CONSTRUCTION, AND MINOR ARCHITECTURE/ENGINEERING OF FACILITIES INCLUDING SITE WORK, UTILITY, STREET AND SIDEWALK WORK AND OTHER ASSOCIATED WORK, MINOR BUILDINGS, AND CONST SOL N68711-98-R-5329 DUE 082498 POC Laura Smith, Contract Specialist, Code 57CS4.LS, (619) 532-3083, E-MAIL: Contract Specialist, ljsmith@efdswest.navfac.navy.mil. FINAL NOTICE: This procurement consists of one solicitation with the intent to award three or more Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Construction Contracts to the responsible proposers whose proposals, conforming to the RFP, will be most advantageous to the Government resulting in the Best Value, cost or price and other factors considered. The contracts will be for a base period of one year with two one-year opition periods. The Government reserves the right to award less than or more than three contracts under this solicitation or to award only one contract covering the seed project identified in the RFP if the minimum guarantee of funds are not available for three or more awards. The total maximum value for the base term and all options for the aggregate of all IDIQ contracts warded as a result of this RFP shall not exceed $90,000,000. The IDIQ work is for renovation, alteration, improvement, repairs, minor construction and minor architecture/engineering of facilities including site work, utility, street and sidewalk work and other associated work, minor buildings, and construction necessary for a fully functional facility at various locations within Arizona, California, Nevada, and New Mexico. The exact location of each task order will be indicated by the Contracting Officer. Projects assigned to these IDIQ contracts will use the Solution Order Concept (SOC) approach to scope and price the work. After award of the initial contract, each awardee shall be provided a fair opportunity to be considered for each task order, exceptr under those circumstances described in Far 16.505 (b)(2). Construction schedules will be determined for each project at the issuance of each task order. Successful offerors will receive the following contract awards: Best value receives the seed project with award; 2nd, 3rd and any additional selected contractor will each receive award with a minimum guarantee of $50,000 for the base year. All contractors will competitively propose on subsequent task orders. These subsequent projects will be perrformance oriented tasks requiring minimal design. They will be scoped by the government/contractor team and may not have tradition plans and specifications but may include sketches, and requests for catalog cuts or other submittals. The salient requirements of the task order will be scoped by the government/contractor team in order to develop a mutually agreed upon statement of work. Award factors will vary depending on the unique requirements for each task order and may be competed on the basis of prie, best value or technically acceptable. However pricing will weigh heavily. The awarded task order will be a performance scoped, firm fixed price task with a specific completion date. Should any of the IDIQ contractors be undable to competitively secure a task order to meet the minimum guarantee, award factors may be modified in order to ensure each participating contractor is awarded task orders meeting the minimum guarantee. All contractors will be required to participate in all SOC walk throughs and submit proposals. Failure to participate responsibly in walk throughs and submitting proposals on task orders may result in the Government not exercising th option to extend the contract for an additional year. Only the selected contractors will be permittd to propose on the task orders. Proposals from other contractors will not be accepted. A minimum of two proposals will satisfy the competitive requirements of SOC and preclude the necessity of soliciting for a replacement contractor if for any reason one of the contracts is terminated or one of the proposers is not able to participate in the process. Failure to participate responsibly in the the task order process may result in forfeiture of the minimum guarantee amount. THIS SOLICITATION IS HEREBY BEING ISSUED ON AN "UNRESTRICTED" BASIS INVITING FULL AND OPEN COMPETITION. The seed project, for which the evaluation factors noted below, pretain for the purpose of award, includes construction of seismic strengthening and renovation for twothree-story bachelor enlisted quarters at Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton, California as follows: (a) Construction of reinforced concrete shear walls, repair of existing concrete balcony decks, removal of existing doors, doorframes, windows, cabinets, partitions, and other interior finishes; installation of new doors and frames, windows, cabinets, partitions, and other finishes; removal and replacement of existing roofing and flashing; cleaning and painting of all new and existing exposed interior and exterior surfaces; and all incidental related work; (b) removal of existing hot water heating equipment, power ventilators, hot water piping, including below-grade insulated conduit between buildings, and ductwork; installation of new heating equipment, power ventilators, conduit and ductwork; and all incidental related work; (c) Removal of existing plumbing fixtures, equipment water supply piping, and DWV piping; installation of new fixtures, equipment and piping and all incidental related work; (d) Removal of existing light fixtures, outlets, power distribution system, fire alarm system, and intercom system; installation of new light fixtures, power distribution system, fire alarm system, fire sprinkler system, and intercom system; and all incidental related work; (e) Removal work includes removal and disposal of hazardous materials, existing asbestos-containing materials and lead based paint. Evaluation of award will be based on techical factors including (1) Past Performance, including subcontracting efforts; (2) Technical Management including experience, capacity to accomplish the work, and technical approach including quality control proceidures and project specific work and (3) Price. The cost limitation for the seed project is $8,000,000. The NOTE: In accordance with FAR 5.102(a)(7) AVAILABILITY OF THIS SOLICITATION SHALL BE LIMITED TO THE ELECTRONIC MEDIUM; solicitation will be available for download free of charge via the Internet World Wide Web at http://www.efdswest.navfac.navy.mil. -- Hard copies (paper sets) or CD-ROM of solicitation will not be provided by the Government. -- The official plan holders list will be maintained on and can be printed from the website. -- All prospective offerors and plan rooms are encouraged to register as plan holders on the website. -- Plan holders lists will not be faxed and will only be available from the website. -- Registering offerers and plan rooms must provide a complete name, complete mailing address and area code and phone number, offerer type (prime contractor, sub contractor, supplier or plan room), email address and size (large business, small business, small disadvantaged business, woman owned small business or other). -- Notification of any changes (amendments) to the solicitation will be made only on the Internet. -- It will be the contractor's responsibility to check the website for any posted changes. -- Tentative issue date is on or about 24 July, 1998 with an opening/receipt date approximately thirty days later. A site visit is tentively set for the morning of 12 August 1998 with a pre-prosal conference that afternoon. To ensure access to the site and a seat at the pre-perposal conference contact Michele Saldana at (619) 532-1871. It is recommended that subcontracting goals reflect a minimum of 45% small business, 25% for small disadbantaged business and 8% woman-owned small business. The response time required by FAR 5.203 will begin on the date of issuance of the EBS Solicitation. The Standard Industrial Code 1542 is for $17.0 Mil. NOTE: EFFECTIVE ON ALL SOLICITATIONS ISSUED AFTER 31 MAY 1998 YOU MUST BE REGISTERED IN THE CENTRAL CONTRACTOR REGISTRATION (CCR) PRIOR TO AWARD OF A DoD CONTRACT. FOR MORE INFORMATION -- SEE THE CCR WEBSITE hhtp://ccr.edi.disa.mil. Posted 07/08/98. (0189)

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