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USPFO for Alabama, P.O. Box 3715, Montgomery, AL 36109-0715

Z -- REPAIR STREETS/CONSTRUCT FRONT GATE, DANNELLY FIELD ANG, MONTGOMERY, AL SOL DAHA01 98 B 0004 DUE 082598 POC MSgt Lanier (334) 213-7515, Contract Specialist Project consists of furnishing all labor, materials and equipment required to perform all work in strict accordance with specifications, schedules and drawings for the repair and overlay of existing base streets, curb and gutter work, repair and overlay of existing parking lot, construction of a new parking lot, road removal and construction of a front gate with a 100sf guard house. The following items outline specific work to be accomplished: remove the top 3" of asphalt pavement by milling; provide 1 1/2" asphalt overlay to existing roads and parking area; construct a new 60-space parking lot; provide demolition and construction of curb and gutter; remove approximately 410' of roadway; construct 100sf guard house with latrine (including all utility connections); construct front gate with masonry walls, fences, gates and landscaping; provide roadway to enter the base at new front gate; construct turning and deceleration lanes off Highway 80. Estimated cost of construction is between $250,000.00 and $500,000.00. A non-refundable check of $40.00 made payable to the DFAS/FTD, Limestone, Maine, is required for each set of plans and specifications. Bid documents are available from the USPFO for Alabama, ATTN: AL-US-P, P O Box 3715, Montgomery, AL, 36109-0715. Plans and specifications will be available for reviewing at the F W Dodge Plans Room, Montgomery, AL and at the office of the Base Civil Engineer, Dannelly Field ANG, Montgomery, AL. This project is 100% unrestricted. IFB Number DAHA01 98 B 0004 will be issued with an anticipated issue date of July 21, 1998, and a bid opening on or about August 25, 1998. Posted 07/08/98. (0189)

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