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Fleet & Industrial Supply Center, Regional Contracts Dept, Attn: Bid Officer/Code 210A94, 937 N. Harbor Drive, Suite 212, San Diego, CA 92132-0212

68 -- OXYGEN, AVIATORS BREATHING, LIQUID SOL N00244-98-Q-0314 DUE 072098 POC Bid Officer, 619-532-2692, Contracting Officer, Ralph Franchi, 619-532-2568, fax: 619-532-2347 WEB: ., http://www.sd.fisc.navy.mil. E-MAIL: Click here to contact the Contracting Officer via, ralph_a._franchi@fmso.navy.mil. Important notice: "Required Central Contractor Registration" (CCR), Reference: DFARS: 252.204-7004, applies to all solicitations issued after 6-1-98. Lack of registration in the CCR database will make an offeror/quoter ineligible for award. Please ensure compliance with this regulation when submitting your quote. Call 1-888-227-2423 or utilize Internet address at: http://ccr.edi.disa.mil for additional information. FISC San Diego is announcing its intent to issue a Request for Quote (RFQ) for the following: Oxygen, Aviators Breathing, Liquid, MIL-O-27210, Type II, Amend. II. Material is to be delivered to Marine Corps Air Station, Miramar, San Diego, CA. 92145. The estimated annual usage is approximately 42,000 gallons. The Government is seeking a Firm Fixed Price Contract for all material and services for a Base Period of one year and a Option period of one year. The solicitation will be issued as unrestricted. All qualified parties may submit a request by fax to obtain a copy of the solicitation document that will be issued on July 9, 1998. See numbered Note 9 and 26. Include the following information on all requests for the solicitation: N00244-98-Q-0314, complete return mailing address and government point of contact. Fax requests to 619-532-2347, attn: Ralph Franchi, FISC, Code 2611 or utilize the following e-mail address: ralph_a._franchi@fmso.navy.mil Posted 06/24/98 (0175)

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