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Y -- PAINTING OUTLET PIPES, TIETON DAM, YAKIMA PROJECT, WASHINGTON SOL 1425-98-SI-10-07560 DUE 052198 POC Susie Zimmer, Contract Specialist 208-378-5156, Devon Scott Shelley, Contracting Officer, 208-378-5112 E-MAIL: click here to contact the contracting officer via e-mail, rgorczyca@pn.usbr.gov. Pre-Solicitation Notice for Solicitation No. 1425-98-10-07560 is currently available -- The solicitation will be issued on or about April 20, 1998. The Principal components of the work to be performed under these specifications include surface preparation and painting of the exterior surface of two 72-inch diameter (480 feet long) outlet pipes with an aromatic, single componet, moisture-cure urethane coating system; removing and disposing of approzimately 40 cubic yards of mud and debris; and removing and replacing portions of the existing concrete pipe supports to allow painting of the outlet pipes above the support. Estimated price range of the work is between $500,000 and $1,000,000 -- There is no charge for the first copy of the solicitation; additional copies of solicitation provided on receipt of $7.00 each, nonrefundable. E-mail address RGORCZYCA@PN.USBR.GOV (0090)

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