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Z -- DEPERMING PIERS AND DREDGING, NAVAL STATION, NORFOLK, VIRGINIA SOL N62470-93-B-3107 DUE 040298 POC Point of Contact -- Printing Assistant, Priscilla Schaefer, 757-444-5968/Contract Specialist, Luebertia S. Dailey, 757-322-8237 E-MAIL: Maintenance Repair, daileyls@efdlant.navfac.navy.mil. The work includes construction of new non-magnetic carrier and surface combatant and LCU deperming slips with associated dredging and demolition, and incidental related work. Except as specifically noted or indicated otherwise, all construction shall be non-magnetic, with magnetic permeability less than 2.0. Exceptions include the north and south carrier dolphins and the south surface combatant dolphin, which shall be magnetic. The approximate Solicitation Release Date is 2 March 1998. A charge will be made each set of specifications, half-size plans and full-size plans. The cost is $35.00 for each half-size set and $100.00 for each full-size set. This price includes priority mail postage. These sets will be made available upon receipt of a written request, and a non-refundable check or money order made payable to the U.S. Treasury. Written requests shall be sent to: DEFENSE AUTOMATED PRINTING SERVICE, ATTN: PRISCILLA SCHAEFER, 1641 MORRIS STREET, BUILDING KBB, NORFOLK, VIRGINIA 23511-2898. Please state area code, telephone number, street address, nine-digit zip and whether you are participating as a prime or subcontractor. Any inquiries regarding plans and specifications shall be directed to Ms. Priscilla Schaefer, telephone 757-444-5968. Technical inquiries shall be faxed to 757-322-8264, Attention: L. S. Dailey. The Estimated Cost Range is more than $10,000,000. The Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Code for this project is 1629 with a Size Standard of $17,000,000. This project is not set aside for small business. Large businesses shall submit a subcontracting plan prior to award of the contract. (0044)

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