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Defense General Supply Center 8000 Jeff Davis Hwy Richmond, VA 23297-5312

28 -- IMPELLER, COMPRESSOR, SECOND STAGE, SHROUDLESS SOL SP0480-97-R-1801 DUE 090897 POC Contact: for copies of RFP/IFB solicitations (available at least 15 days from announcement, phone or write DGSC a ttn: DGSC-JJAB Richmond VA 23297-5312 AC (804)279-3350. Buyer: Alice Collier/PLBO570/804-279-4556. KO: Heidi Bradbury/279-5372. PR-NO: YPG97063001510 NSN 2835-01-044-7729, impeller, compressor, second stage Alliedsignal Inc (CAGE 99193) P/N 698193-4 adequate data for evaluation of alternate offers is not available at the procurement agency. The offeror must provide a complete data package including data for the approved and alternate part for evaluation. 100 -EA Del to Texarkana TX 75507 Del 90 days. Unrestricted. Other than full and open comp (sole source). Specifications, plans or drawings relating to the procurement described are not available and cannot be furnished by the Gov't. All responsible sources may submit offer which DGSC shall consider. (0198)

Loren Data Corp. http://www.ld.com (SYN# 0296 19970722\28-0008.SOL)

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