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Oc-Alc/Dir Contracting/Propulsion, 3001 Staff Dr Ste 1ag81, Tinker Air Force Base Ok 73145-3032

J -- TECH. ORDER UPDATES FOR F110 ENGINE SOL F34601-97-R-57503 DUE 052997 POC For copy, OC-ALC/PKXDA TINKER AFB OK 73145-3015, For additional information contact John Groth/Lpdpb/[405]739-4427 The Air Force contemplates awarding a three year, firm-fixed-price, requirements contract. The purpose of the contract is to obtain technical order (T.O.) updates applicable to the F110 engine for the F16 aircraft. The three year contract period includes a basic year with two one-year options. The basic year is for FY 1998 update requirements. The first option is for FY 1999 requirements and the second option is for FY 2000 requirements. CLINs 0001, 0003, 0005, and 0007 are for requirements pertaining to the F110-100 engine T.O.s. CLINs 0002, 0004, 0006, and 0008 are for requirements pertaining to the F110-129 engine T.O.s. CLINs 0001 and 0002 are for "Category A" non-modification related requirements. CLINs 0003 and 0004 are for "Category B" modification related requirements. CLINs 0005 and 0006 are for "Category C" renumbering related requirements. CLINs 0007 and 0008 are for digital magnetic medium requirements. CLINs 0009, 0010, and 0011 apply to both the F110-100 and F110-129 engine T.O. requirements. CLIN 0009 is for requirements generated by contractor errors, CLIN 0010 is for Technical Order Status and Schedule Reports, and CLIN 0011 is for Technical Manual Cost Requirements Reports. CLINs 0001-0008 are furnished are at a firm-fixed-price per page. CLIN 0009 is furnished on a "no-charge" basis. CLINs 0010 and 0011 will be furnished at a firm-fixed-price per report. Qualification requirements: Sources must be qualified prior to being considered for award. The solicitation will contain instructions for obtaining further information on this requirement. The qualification requirements for this item were established prior to 19 Oct 1984 and the requirements of FAR 9.202(A) do not apply. These qualification requirements apply to line item(s) 0001-0011 The approximate issue/response date will be 29 Apr 97. To: General Electric Co Aircraft Engine, Cincinnati Oh 45215-6301. No telephone requests. Only written or faxed requests received directly from the requestor are acceptable. All responsible sources solicited may submit a bid, proposal, or quotation which shall be considered. Authority: 10 U.S.C. 2304(C)(1), Justification: Supplies (or Services) required are available from only one or a limited number of responsible source(s) and no other type of supplies or services will satisfy agency requirements. The proposed contract action is for supplies and services for which the Government intends to solicit and negotiate with only one, or a limited number of sources under the authority of FAR 6.302. Interested persons may identify their interest and capability to respond to the requirement or submit proposals. This notice of intent is not a request for competitive proposals. However, all proposals received within forty five-days (thirty days if award is issued under an existing basic ordering agreement) after date of publication of this synopsis will be considered by the Government. A Determination by the Government not to compete this proposed contract based upon responses to this notice is solely within the discretion of the Government. Information received will normally be considered solely for the purpose of determining whether to conduct a competitive procurement. Award will be made only if the offeror, the product/service, or the manufacturer meets qualification requirements at the time of award in accordance with FAR clause 52.209-1. The solicitation identifies the office where additional information can be obtained concerning qualification requirements as cited in each individual solicitation. It is suggested that small business firms or others interested in subcontracting opportunities in connection with the described procurement make contact with the firm(s) listed. Note: An Ombudsman has been appointed to hear concerns from offerors or potential Offerors during the proposal development phase of this acquisition. The purpose of the Ombudsman is not to diminish the authority of the program director or contracting officer, but to communicate contractor concerns, issues, disagreements, and recommendations to theappropriate government personnel. When requested, the Ombudsman will maintain strict confidentiality as to source of the concern. The Ombudsman does not participate in the evaluation of proposals or in the source selection process. Interested parties are invited to call the Ombudsman at (405) 736-3273. DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER FOR SOLICITATION REQUESTS. Note: Faxed solicitation requests can be submitted to OC-ALC/PKXDA, Tinker AFB OK 73145-3015, FAX NUMBER (405)739-5411. Request for Written Quotation will be issued. The anticipated award date will be 60 days after the issuance of this notice. See Note (s) 26. (0099)

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