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81 CONS/LGCC, 200 Fifth Street, Suite 102, Keesler AFB MS 39534-2103

J -- MAINTENANCE ON ELECTRICAL SWITCHING STATION/SUBSTATION SOL F2260097Q5317 DUE 051597 POC Carol A. Thibodeau, Contract Specialist, 601-377-1813. John Tullos, Contracting Officer, 601-377-3808 Provide all labor, tools, parts, materials, facilities, transportation, and the performance necessary to provide the following: Service two 23 KV ITE Model 2, Type 38KV-F8, and seven (3 ea. 2000 A and 4 ea. 1200 A) 4160 V ITE Model 3 draw-out air breakers located at the hospital substation, and nine (3 ea. 2000 A, and 6 ea. 1200 A) 34.5 kV Siemens-Allis Type VV-15000 draw-out vacuum breakers located in the main switching station on Keesler Air Force Base, Mississippi. The system voltage for the base is 23 KV. The Preventative Maintenance (PM) described herein is intended to bring the subject circuit breakers' performance back to original factory specifications. Service on the hospital substation is to be completed within 30 days, and service on the main switching station is to be completed within 30 days. All work shall be performed in strict accordance with the specifications and subject to the terms and conditions of the contract. (0099)

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