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USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service, 771 Corporate Drive, Suite 110, Lexington, KY 40503-5479

Z -- THEALKA RAMP REPAIR PROJECT, LOCATED EAST OF PAINTSVILLE, JOHNSON, CO., KY SOL NRCS-05-KY-97 DUE 042197 POC Mark Christians, contracting officer; Tele: 606/224-7375; Fax: 606/224-7393 E-MAIL: You may click here to contact the contracting officer via E-Mail., mpchri0@pop.uky.edu. Thealka RAMP Repair project is located east of Paintsville, in the Thealka community, adjacent to KY Hwy 381, in Johnson Co., KY. Work consists of the following items of work: Seeding & Mulching, 1.6 Ac.; Mobilization & Demobilization, 1 job; Excavation -- Site No. 1, 1 job; Drainfill (KY DOH #57 Stone), 554 Cu. Yds.; 5" Dia. Drain Tubing, 1354 Lin. Ft.; 6" I.D. PVC Pipe, 30 Lin. Ft.; Loose Rock Riprap, 83 Cu. Yds.; 3' x 3' x 12' Wire Mesh Gabions, 156 Cu. Yds.; 3' x 3' x 6' Wire Mesh Gabions, 312 Cu. Yds.; Land Reconstruction, 0.8 Ac.; Pollution Control, subsidiary; Excavation, subsidiary; Earthfill, subsidiary. Prospective bidders & suppliers may meet at the USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service office, 100 Left Fork, Teays Branch Road, Paintsville, KY, at 10:00 A.M., local time (EST), on April 2, 1997, for a pre-bid conference and site showing. Bid packets will be available March 14, 1997. NO TELEPHONE REQUESTS FOR BID PACKETS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Requests for solications packets may be faxed to 606/224-7393 or E-Mailed to "mpchri0@pop.uky.edu". All prospective bidders may submit a bid which will be considered. Estimated price range is less than $100,000.00. See notes 1,3. (0057)

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