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59 -- EQUIPMENT TO DETERMINE PROPELLANT TEMPERATURE POC Point of Contact: John Hornseth, M387, (612) 572-6634, INTERNET: john_hornseth@fmc.com WEB: United Defense LP, http://www.fmc.com/crusader. E-MAIL: United Defense LP, john_hornseth@fmc.com. United Defense, L.P., Armament Systems Division, under Prime Contract DAAE30-95-C-0009 is gathering information on potential suppliers of equipment to determine the temperature of MACS (Modular Artillery Charge System) solid propellant used to fire the 155mm cannon on the Crusader SPH (Self Propelled Howitzer). The propellant temperature is used to predict projectile muzzle velocity in order to achieve down range accuracy. The MACS consists of two types of combustible case charges (XM231 and XM232) that are loaded into the gun tube in various quantities to achieve the desired muzzle velocity to accurately deliver the projectile to the target. Loading, storage, and other handling of the MACS is performed by automated handling equipment on board the Crusader SPH. Both charge types are cylindrical in shape with approximate dimensions of six inches in length and six inches in diameter. Simply described, the construction consists of the propellant encased in a cylindrically shaped outer combustible case body. The case body formulation is mainly nitrocellulose and has a wall thickness of 0.10 inch. Current gun systems measure propellant temperature directly by manually penetrating the outer bag with a temperature probe. This data is periodically updated to the fire control system. In this method it is assumed that the propellant temperature has stabilized and that a direct measurement of the propellant on a periodic basis suffices in achieving the desired muzzle velocity prediction. To achieve better muzzle velocity predictions for Crusader, propellant temperature will need to be determined for every MACS charge. Further, it cannot be assumed that the propellant temperature has stabilized. Due to the low thermal conductivity of the propellant, significant temperature gradients are expected from the core to the outer case on the order of magnitude of tens of degrees Celsius. Therefore, measuring the outer case temperature will not necessarily determine the propellant temperature and directly measuring the propellant temperature at one location will not characterize the temperature gradient. The ideal measurement device will meet the following operational requirements: 1. Provide an accurate characterization of the effective propellant temperature accounting for temperature gradients between the core and outer case body. (order of magnitude of 1-2 degrees celsius) 2. Determine the temperature quickly (order of magnitude of 1 second) 3. Determine the temperature in a non-invasive and non-destructive manner. 4. Operate in the environment of a military ground vehicle. 5. Operate fully automatically with no soldier intervention. Potential qualified suppliers are requested to submit a capability statement to John Hornseth, in writing, at M387, INTERNET at john_ hornseth@fmc.com or by facsimile at 612-572-4991 within 21 calendar days of the publication of this announcement. Capability statements can be in supplier format, and should include, at a minimum: 1. A narrative discussion or report addressing the current status and performance of the candidate equipment being proposed along with supporting data. 2. A narrative discussion of the unique technical capabilities and expertise of the organization. 3. A narrative discussion supporting the organization's ability to meet the development schedule of the candidate equipment (2 units plus spare parts) to be delivered to United Defense no later than December 1998. Respondents to this notice will not be notified either of the receipt or the assessment of the information submitted. Neither the cost of preparing capability statements nor the cost of preparing proposals will be entertained as allowable direct charges to any resultant subcontract. This solicitation does not obligate United Defense, L.P. to enter in any purchase agreement with any organization supplying information. (0052)

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