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78 -- PARK AND OUTDOOR RECREATIONAL EQUIPMENT SOL 7FXG-C3-92-7801-B POC Margaret Evans, contracting officer, (817) 978-8646 This synopsis replaces the previous synopsis that appeared on Tuesday, August 13, 1996 on pages 28 and 29. Solicitation scheduled to issue on or ABOUT02/03/97. This solicitation is a standing solicitation for federal supply schedule FSC group 78, part I, section C, from which the government contemplatesaward of contracts for supplies listed in the schedule of items covering 16 special item numbers (SIN). Resulting contracts will be FOB origin, 48 contiguous United States and Washington d.c. This solicitation will remain in effect unless amended and/or replaced by an updated solicitation. there is no closing date for the receipt of offers; therefore, offers may be submitted for consideration at any time during the life of this solicitation. Effective immediately, this federal supply schedule period will be continuous, and will contain contracts with periods that commence on the date of award (DOA) and expire five years (exclusive of any options)from the DOA. In addition the multiple award schedule solicitations will become "standing" opportunities for new offers. This means that new offers may be forwarded to the contracting officer, at the address above, at any time. All contracts under this multiple award schedule solicitation will include an option to extend the term of the contract. Contracts awarded under this solicitation will be in effect for five years from the date of award, unless further extended pursuant to any option to extend the term of the contract, or canceled sooner. All contracts will be indefinite DELIVERY -- INDEFINITE quantity contracts with $100 guaranteed minimum for the contract period. The following SIN is added to the solicitation, SIN 192-38 -- new technology. Various clauses including clause I-FSS-599, electroniccommerce -- ferderal acquisition network (facnet), which implements GSA advantage! (general services administrations on-line shopping program) are included. Also included in clause I-FSS-125, requirements exceeding the maximumorder, and related clauses which implement the new maximum order provisions. These new provisions allow customer agencies to seek price decreases based on requirements which exceed the maximum order established on any resultant contracts. To assist the customer agencies to determine when they should seek aprice decrease, a level called a maximum order will be established under each contract. When an agency order exceeds this amount, it is recommended that the agency contact the vendor for a reduced price. The vendors will not be obligated to accept these orders in acordance with FAR 52.216-19. All contractsto be awarded include industrial funding provisions. Special item numbers SINS) 192-37B tables/benches and replacement parts and 192-37D, bleachers and replacement parts, are set aside for small business participation only. See Note 2 (portion of acquisition set-aside for small or small disadvantaged). Seenote 12 (trade agreements). All responsible sources may submit an offer which will be considered. (0015)

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