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FISC Norfolk Detachment Philadelphia, 700 Robbins Ave., Bldg. 2B., Philadelphia, PA 19111-5084

L -- CONTRACTOR ENGINEERING TECHNICAL SERVICES SOL 96-017 POC C. Watson, Contract Administrator, (215)697-0131/0132. SEND ALL REQUESTS TO NAESU, 700 ROBBINS AVE., BLDG., 2A, PHILADELPHIA, PA 19111-5084. ATTN: CODE 2.6.1.B. This is a SOURCE SEEKING SYNOPSIS for Contractor Engineering and Technical Services (CETS) in support of the Consolidated Automatic Support Services (CASS). This synopsis is being issued in an attempt to develop a full and open competitive environment for the acquisition of CETS for the specific programs listed herein should they become an official procurement. NOTE: THESE ARE NOT REQUESTS FOR PROPOSALS. THIS IS NOT A FORMAL PROCUREMENT AND THEREFORE THERE IS NOT SOLICITATION. The sources sought/market survey is published in order that potential sources may learn of futures CETS requirements. This synopsis is seeking Contractor Field Service (CFS) personnel and their primary purpose is to provide to Navy and Marine maintenance technicians on-site proficiency training, technical guidance and information in the evaluation of unusal field problems and render technical guidance related specificially to the programs cited below. The object of CFS is to elevate the technical skills and abilities of Military and Civilian personnel of the Department of Defense responsible for the operation and maintenance of the system/equipment to the level of self sufficiency. CFS personnel must be ''experts'' on the specific programs listed herein and must be able to provide and teach formal on-site classroom courses and on-the-job training for these programs and must be able to do so their first day on the job. They must be able to provide a liaison through which technical information related to maintenance and operational problems available in the plant can quickly be disseminated to Military and Civilian personnel of the Department of Defense. Firms having the engineering and technical field service capabiilities described above are invited to submit complete information to the office listed. Information should include: the total number of employees and professional qualifications of personnel specially qualified in the CETS area as outlined; an outline of previous CETS efforts including specific services previously performed or being performed in the listed CETS area; specific resumes of representatives detailing their qualifications and any other available descriptive literature. Respondents WILL NOT be notified of the results of the evaluation of the information submitted, however, sources deemed fully qualified will be included on the recommended source list if this become a formal procurement. This effort may include up to 15 work months of support during the period 1 December 1996 through 30 September 1997 at a single or multiple locations (world-wide or aboard ship). The CFS personnel shall provide instruction, information and training to DOD personnel in the installation, operation, and maintenance of: PROGRAM: CASS; EQUIPMENT: AN/USM-635A (V)2 ELECTRO-OPTICAL (EO) CONFIGURATION. These services will also be in connection with diagnosing and correcting problems which keep equipment in a ''down'' status. CFS personnel must be capable of handling the most complex and intricate equipment problems. Access to and understanding of the technical data based for the equipment listed herein is essential. Responses should be submitted in writing to Commanding Officer, NAESU, 700 Robbins Ave., Bldg. 2A, Philadelphia, PA 19111-5084, Attn: Code 2.6.1B within 20 calendar days from publication of this notice. Your reply should cite NAESU Reference No. 96-017 and the date/issue of the CBD synopsis to which you are replying. Address the specific systems/equipment referenced in the synopsis for which you possess the requisite technical capability. The NAESU points of contact are Ms. K. Cane (Competition Advocate) for contractual matters at (215)697-0133/34 or for technical matters Mr. P. Huffines at (215)697-0115. SYN 430. (0241)

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