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National Cancer Institute, Research Contracts Branch, PSCS 6120 Executive Blvd, EPS/RM 634 Bethesda, MD 20892-7228

T -- SMOKING FACTS & TIPS FOR QUITTING'' SOL RFQ600125 POC Marsha Gorham, Purchasing Agent, (301)402-4509, Patricia Haun, Contracting Officer (301)402-4509. Title, ''Smoking Facts and Tips for Quitting'' - Bilingual booklet, Product, 12 page text plus a 4 separate 4 page cover. Quality, Level 2 printing and finishing attribute. Reference GPO publication 310.1 for attribute requirements. Printing is the redominate production function and none shall be subcontracted. Quantity, 250,000 copies and the final films used in the production of printing. Trim Size, 6'' x 9'' stitched along the 9'' dimension. Proofs, one set of dylux proofs with all elements in the proper position folded and trimmed to final size, the government shall retail these proofs. One additional set of dylux proof shall be submitted flat and ruled to show the full proess sheee imposition and all bindery trim-outs. Paper, Text: -80lb white #1 matte finish text, minimum brightness of 86. Covers -80-lb white #1 dull finish cover, target brightness of 87. Inks, dense black plus PMS 157, 3145, 352, 466 and PMS 513 inks. Solid inks required, no builds allowed. Inks shall contain minimum percentages of vegetable oil in compliance with federal procurement mandates as follows: Heat-set/10%, sheet-fed lithography/20%, forms/20%. Coating, overall dull varnish (or satin aqueous coat) outside covers 1 and 4 only. Margins, bleeds, follow trim marks on furnished camera copy. The request for quote will be released on 09/06/96 and will be due by 09/17/97 at 3pm est.. All responsible sources may submit a quotation which shall be considered by the agency. See Numbered Note(s): 1. (0234)

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