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Defense Supply Center Columbus, PO BX 16595, Dscc-Pbab, Columbus, OH 43216-6595

16 -- SHAFT INPUT,DRIVE A SOL SP0740-96-Q-JA82 DUE 083096 POC Contact: Copy of Solicitation FAX 614-692-2262 or mail requ EST to defense Supply Center Columbus, PO box 16595,dscc-pbab Columbus,OH 43216-6595, for information contact Contracting Officer (name/phone) Robert Schneider 614-6921743 PR-NO: YPC96144000665 while price will be a significant factor in the evaluation of offers, the final contract award price may be based upon a combination of price and delivery and past performance S described in this Solicitation. NSN 1650-01-033-9999, CAGE 82402 part NO 42190E25 shaft input, drive alucas Western Inc part number 42190E25.24-EA Del to McClellan AFB CA 95652-1621 Del by 150 days ARO Solicitation not available until 15 days after published in the CBD. Specifications, plans or drawings are not available. Automated best valuemodel(abvm) applies. While prices may be asignificant factor in the evaluation of offers, the final contract award decision will be based upon acombination of price and past performance as described in Solicitation. All responsible sources may submit offer which DCSC shall consider(0204)

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