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10 -- 45 CALIBER, SINGLE-ACTION, SINGLE-STACKED HANDGUN SOL RFP-6990 POC Theresa M. Powell, Contract Specialist, (202) 324-3318 Fax (202) 324-4521. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has a requirement for a Firm-Fixed Price, Indefinite Quantity type contract, with a quaranteed quantity minimum of 500, .45 caliber, single-action, single-stacked handguns over the life of the contract, and an estimated maximum of 5,000 each over the life of the contract--This contract is for 12 months with four (4) one-year renewal options--FOB Destination is Quantico, Virginia--Required specifications for the pistol shall include, but are not limited to the following--1) The weapons shall possess the following safety systems: Ambidextrous thumb-operated manual safety mounted on the frame of the weapon; A firing pin safety; A disconnector which prevents the weapon from firing when not fully battery; and the hammer of the weapon must possess a half-cock notch safety--2) Weapons shall be provided with two magazines--3) Capacity of each magazine is no less than 8 rounds--4) The barrel shall be made of stainless steel and no less than 8 rounds--4) The barrel shall be made of stainless steel and no less than 4.75 inches in length but shall not exceed 5.25 inches--5) Weapons shall be warranted for a minimum period of one year from date of receipt and acceptance--The estimated RFP release date is 8/9/96--Request for RFP-6990 shall be in writing and postmarked no later than 15 calendar days from date of this notice--Any requests postmarked after the 15 days will be subject to availability of solicitation packages--NO TELEPHONE REQUESTS WILL BE HONORED. (0199)

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