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Commanding General, Contracting Division, Marine Corps Base, P.O. Box 8368, Camp Lejeune, NC 28547-8368

J -- RECAP TIRES Sol M6700196B0007, Due 072496, contact Contract Spec., Raymond Nouchi, 910-451-3016. Requirement type contract for recapping and repairing Government owned tires located at Marine Corps Base, Camp Lejeune, NC. Estimate for the basic year is shown as follows: Size 1400 R20, qty 1350 ea, size 36 x 12:50 x 16.5 bias, qty 1870 ea, size 1600 R21, qty 220 ea and size 7 x 12:50 x 16.5R, qty 590 ea. It is anticipated that the resultant contract will be a firm fixed price requirements contract with one basic year of performance and three 1-year priced options. The proposed contract is unrestricted. No telephone requests will be accepted. Requests for solicitation should be in writing only or by fax (fax number 910-451-2331). All responsible sources may submit an offer which will be considered. (156)

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