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Wr-Alc/Pkxoa, 235 Byron St, Robins Air Force Base Ga 31098-1611

41 -- COMPRESSOR ASSY SOL F09603-96-Q-83564 DUE 050696 POC For copy, MAIL TO ABOVE ADDRESS include mfg code, For additional information contact Christine Clark/Lykd/912-926-7083 Item 0001 NSN 4130-01-328-5389AY P/N: 744315F, Dim: 9 1/2'' H X 7'' DIA. Matl: Aluminum, steel. Func: Refrigerant compressor for ECU. 37EA. Applicable to: An/Aaq-13. Destn: Robins Air Force Base Ga 31098-1611. Delivery: 31 OCT 96 37 ea FAX: 912-926-7572 The approximate issue/response date will be 04 Apr 96. To: Sundstrand Aerospace, Rockford Il 61125-7002. No telephone requests. Only written or faxed requests received directly from the requestor are acceptable. All responsible sources solicited may submit a bid, proposal, or quotation which shall be considered. Authority: 10 U.S.C. 2304(C)(1), Justification: Supplies (or Services) required are available from only one or a limited number of responsible source(s) and no other type of supplies or services will satisfy agency requirements. See Note (s) 22. (0078)

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