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US Army ARDEC, AMSTA-AR-PCW-D, Bldg 10, Picatinny Arsenal, New Jersey 07806-5000

A -- OBJECTIVE SNIPER WEAPON (OSW) POC Helen Sammon email=hsammon, Contract Specialist, 201-724-5561, Beverly F. Wasniewski, Contracting Officer, 201-724-2164. The Joint Service Small Arms Program (JSSAP) Office is seeking innovative concepts and technologies, both conventional and non-conventional, in support of a future Objective Sniper Weapon (OSW) program. The JSSAP Office will be conducting a Technology Assessment in the third quarter of FY96 to evaluate selected concepts and technologies being sought by this Market Survey. Funding is currently programmed for FY 97 through FY 01 to conduct the OSW program. The Technology Assessment will determine the shape of the program starting in FY 97. The OSW is defined as a single sniper weapon system which achieves the required future capabilities of the joint service sniper communities, to include conventional military, special operations forces and law enforcement. The OSW will enable the military or law enforcement sniper to better engage both human (protected or unprotected) and light materiel targets at distances well beyond the range of ordinary individual small arms systems, and with additional precision. The current sniper weapon systems include the US Army M24 SWS, the SOF M21/M25, the USMC M40A1 SWS, the anti-materiel M82A1 Cal. .50 SASR, and the Remington Model 700 Police Marksmen SWS. The following specific Joint Service Goals for the OSW were generated and refined at the 1993 and 1994 JSSAP Sniper Conferences, and should be addressed in developing your concepts and/or sub-system technologies: WEIGHT (LBS) (15 LBS, 10 LBS Desired- RANGE (M) P(H) = 1.0 OUT TO 1000M REQUIRED, 1200M DESIRED, against PERSONNEL P(H) = 1.0 (AGAINST A 4' BY 4' TARGET) OUT TO 1500M required, 2000M DESIRED, AGAINST MATERIEL - TARGETS INDIVIDUAL PERSONNEL with BODY ARMOR, PERSONNEL IN FORTIFICATIONS, MATERIEL, E.G., light VEHICLES AND VESSELS, COMMAND, CONTROL AND COMMUNICATIONS and INTELLIGENCE EQUIPMENT. - TIME FRAME 2010 OPERATIONAL all WEATHER, 24 HR, AIR, LAND, SEA ENVIRONMENT Potential technologies applicable to the OSW were endorsed by a Joint User Advisory Council, and include both directed energy and kinetic energy. These technologies include: Innovative Mechanisms, Pulsed Laser, Guided Bullets, Image Enhancement, Sensor Fusion, Target Illumination, Target Identification, Cross-Wind Sensing, Inertial Reticle, and, Improved Materials. As a minimum, the concept/technology papers should address the following points: Describe the concept or technology in as much detail as possible. Relate your concept or technology to the Joint Service OSW Goals by explaining how it addresses the applicable one. Identify the type and nature of the technical barriers to be overcome in order to demonstrate your concept. Explain how you plan to overcome such barriers. Upon receipt of OSW concepts and/or technologies from interested participants, the government will review and evaluate each submission for possible presentation by the submitter to a Technology Assessment panel, which will be meeting in May 1996, most likely at Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, TX. Responses should include a one (1) page Abstract and Executive Summary, and should be supported by no more than 20 total pages, including text and photos. Also, include the company name, address, point of contact, telephone number and facsimile telephone number. Technical point of contact for this effort is the US Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC), AMSTA-AR-CCL-D (Bob Schlenner/(201)724-6935), BLDG. 65N, Picatinny Arsenal, NJ 07806-5000. Submissions should be received by Ms. Helen Sammon, AMSTA-AR-PCW-D, BLDG. 10, Picatinny Arsenal, NJ 07806-5000 by 1400 hours on February 29, 1996. Each participant will be notified of the results of ARDEC's evaluation by March 15, 1996. There are no Government funds available to support participants' costs, nor shall this be construed as a commitment by the Government to proceed with any follow-on program. However, should such a requirement materialize, it would be procured in accordance with normal acquisition procedures. No basis for claims against the Government shall arise as a result of a response to this Market Survey, or Government use of such information as part of the evaluation process. Proprietary and classified information will be protected and used for evaluation purposes only. The Government reserves the right to reject in whole, or in part, any private sector input as a result of this Market Survey. This is a Market Survey, there is no solicitation for this action. Telephone requests are not acceptable, FAX's may be sent to (201)724-5904. Information regarding this action can be accessed at http://procnet.pica.army.mil (0036)

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