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10 -- 10--.40 CALIBER, DOUBLE-ACTION ONLY, SEMI-AUTOMATIC PISTOL SOL 6935 POC Theresa M. Powell, Contract Specialist, (202) 324-3318. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has a requirement for a Firm Fixed Price, Indefinite Quantity type contract, with a guaranteed quantity minimum of 400, .40 Caliber, Double-Action Only, Semi-Automatic Pistols over the life of the contract, and an estimated maximum of 5000 each over the life of the contract. This contract is for 12 months with four (4) one (1) year renewal options. Required specifications for the pistol shall include, but are not limited to the following--(1) Each weapon shall be equipped with six (6) magazines--(2) Weapon shall be capable of ambidextrous operation--(3) Weapon shall be high capacity, minimum 11 round magazine capacity--(4) Barrel length shall not be less than 3.4 inches or more than 4.6 inches--(5) Finish shall be non-reflective, rust and corrosion resistant--(6) Weapon shall have replaceable, low-light front and rear sights, preferable the rear sight adjustable for windage and elevation--(7) Weapons shall be warranted for a minimum period of one (1) year from date of receipt and acceptance. The estimated RFP release date is 2/24/96. Requests for RFP-6935 shall be in writing and postmarked no later than fifteen calendar days from date of this notice. Any requests postmarked after the 15 days will be subject to availability of solicitation packages. NO TELEPHONE REQUESTS WILL BE HONORED. Funds are presently not available for this solicitation. (0033)

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