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Wr-Alc/Pkoc, 215 Byron St, Robins Air Force Base Ga 31098-1611

Z -- WRECKING AND DEMOLITION WORK SOL F09650-96-R-0099 02 POC For copy, WR-ALC/PKOC, For additional information contact Judith Croxton/Pkosa/912-926-3985 This solicitation is amended to change the reading to read: A requirement exists for demolition of Buildings 913, 915, and 917 on Robins AFB Ga. The requirement is 100% set aside for small business. A presolicitation conference and site visit will be held approximately 96 January 18. This requirement is industrial classification 1795, Wrecking and Demolition Work. Requests to be placed on the bidders list and questions concerning the requirement shall be made IN WRITING. The requests can be FAXED. No telephone request. The approximate issue date for RFP is 96 Jan 9. Point-of-Contact: WR/ALC/PKOSA, Attn: Judith P. Croxton, 215 Byron Street, Bldg 300 WW, Robins AFB GA 31098-1611, Phone: 912-926-3985, Fax: 912-926-3590. All responsible sources solicited may submit a bid, proposal, or quotation which shall be considered. See Note(s) 1. (0004)

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