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R -- EXERCISE OPTION TO EXTEND PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE ON THE FLIGHT EQU IPMENT PROCESSING CONTRACT - NAS 9-17540 SOL 9-17540-256 DUE 120195 POC Contact:DELENE SEDILLO, Tel:713-483-9730 Contracting Officer:ROB CHAPMAN, Tel:713-483-8501 The Government intends to exercise Option 4 under the Flight Equipment Processing Contract (FEPC) with Boeing Aerospace Operations. Option 4 will extend the period of performance for 3 years to November 30, 1998. The FEPC contractor is responsible for receipt, launch preparation, and post-launch activities relating to the overall processing of equipment required to support the Shuttle Program. The contract was awarded to Boeing Aerospace Operations on December 6, 1985 as a result of a full and open competition. One option to extend the period of performance remains: Option 5 which would extend the period of performance for 2 years to November 30, 2000. (0236)

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