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DOT, FED HWY ADMN, Office of Acquisition Management, 400 7th St. SW, Room 4410, Washington, DC 20590

38 -- HIGHWAY WORK ZONE INFRARED INTRUSION ALARM SOL DTFH61-96-B-00007 DUE 102095 POC Mr. Alan Finfrock, Contract Specialist, (202) 366-0125. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has a requirement for the manufacture and delivery of 23 Highway Work Zone Infrared Intrusion Alarms for use detecting the intrusion of errant vehicles into highway work zones. These devices must be capable of operation in typical outdoor highway construction and maintenance environments. This requirement is 100 percent set aside for small business. All responsible sources may submit a bid which shall be considered by the FHWA. To request a copy of the solicitation, please furnish two self addressed gummed labels to the address indicated above. The transmittal letter must reference the solicitation number. (0234)

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