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Defense Construction Supply Center, PO BX 16595, DCSC-Vici, Columbus,OH 43216-6595

30 -- GEAR,BEVEL, ''RIGHTS GUARD APPLIES'' SOL SP0740-95-R-0373 DUE 080495 POC Contact: For copy of Solicitation FAX 614-692-2262 or mail request to Defense Construction Supply Center PO box 16595,DCSC-vici Columbus, OH 43216-6595.For information contact the Contracting Officer (name/telephone) K. Hinch/614-692-3277 PR-NO: FPC95017001981 NSN 3020-00-342-8288, CAGE 81205 part NO 9-49084 gear, bevel, Boeing Co. P/N 9-490845-EA Del to McClellan AFB CA 95652-1621 Del by 03 Nov 95.15-EA Del to Tinker AFB OK 73145-9013 Del by 03 Nov 95. PR-NO: FPC9431100150819-EA CEL to Tracy CA 95376 Del by 3 Nov 95. Solicitation not available until 15 days after published in the CBD. Written requests for drawings are to be submitted to Dir Technical Operations, Defense Construction Supply Centercolumbus, OH 43216-5000, Attn: DCSC-VTRD or by calling 614-692-2344. Requests should include the IFB/RFP/ RFQ number, opening/closing date. PR number (YPC orzpc) and NSN, if applicable, Federal, Military, and Commercial specifications cannot be provided by DCSC. Proposed procurement contains a 100% option for in creased quantities. This is an unrestricted acquisition with a 10% prefer-ence for SDB concerns. Quality vendor program applies. Price will be a signi-ficant factor in evaluation of offers; however, the final contract award decision may be based upon a combi-nation of price and other evaluation factors (including past performance and schedule compliance) as described in the Solicitation. While price will be a significant factor in the evalu ation of offers, the final contract award decision may be based upon a combination of price and delivery as described in this Solicitation.(0201)

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