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Notice Date
Notice Type
Combined Synopsis/Solicitation
335912 — Primary Battery Manufacturing
Contracting Office
Department of the Navy, Naval Sea Systems Command, NSWC IHEODTD, 4081 N. Jackson Rd. Bldg 841, Indian Head, Maryland, 20640-5116, United States
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Point of Contact
Brandi L. Sorzano, Phone: 3017446908
E-Mail Address
Small Business Set-Aside
This Request for Quote (RFQ) is for a commercial item prepared in accordance with the format in Subpart 8, as supplemented with additional information included in this notice. The solicitation number for this procurement is N00174-20-Q-0001. The anticipated award will be a Firm Fixed Price Contract. The award will be made based on price. This requirement is full and open. This is a Brand Name Mandatory Requirement. Quotes will be due by 22 October 2019 at 9:00 AM EST. DESCRIPTION: CLIN 0001 - Item # WPCAVUPS-UG-01 Qty: 4 Pre-Contract Audit for 1 - UPS up to 40 kVA Potential Covered Assets: SYAF16KXR9T/QA1511210369 SYAF16KXR9T/QA1511210269 SYAF16KXR9T/QA1511210363 SYAF16KXR9T/QA1511210270 CLIN 0002 - Item # WEXTWAR3YR-SP-08 Qty: 4 3 Year Extended Warranty (Renewal or High Volume) Potential Covered Assets: SYAF16KXR9T/QA1511210369 SYAF16KXR9T/QA1511210269 SYAF16KXR9T/QA1511210363 SYAF16KXR9T/QA1511210270 CLIN 0003 - Item # SYBT5 Qty: 36 APC Symmetra LX Battery Module CLIN 0004 - Item# LTL - Freight Charge Transportation *Standard dock to dock. ETA Statement of Work 1.0 INTRODUCTION Naval Surface Warfare Center Indian Head Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technology Division (NSWC IHEODTD) has a requirement to inspect, repair and maintain four APC Symmetra LX Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS). 1.1 Background The APC Symmetra LX UPS powers and protects the Siemens control system equipment throughout the Agile Chemical Facility. The UPS will supply power to critical elements of the process to ensure the system remains in a safe state and may be properly shutdown during a loss of power. If the UPS is in alarm status, the Siemens control system will be locked out and operations will be unable to proceed. Ensuring the UPS is functional and having a system in place where the UPS may be fixed/maintained in a timely fashion is critical to supporting operations at the Agile Chemical Facility. 1.2 Scope This Statement of Work (SOW) describes and defines the repair and additional services that are required for the APC Symmetra LX UPS units. The UPS units are located in the following buildings with the corresponding serial numbers: Building T03 Serial #: QA1511210369 Building 790 Serial #: QA1511210269 Building 786A Serial #: QA1511210363 Building 1464 Serial #: QA1511210270 •2.0 REQUIREMENTS 2.1 Battery Replacement Each UPS unit has 9 batteries that need replacement. Provide 36 replacement APC Symmetra LX Battery Modules. The vendor shall ensure that all waste batteries are disposed of and recycled in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations. The vendor shall include all costs associated with shipping and disposing the waste batteries. 2.2 Extended Warranty The vendor shall supply a 3-Year Service Pack Extended Warranty for each of the four units identified above. The extended warranty shall provide 24 X 7 APC Customer Service support and next business day shipment of the replacement UPS, battery, or parts. Vendor shall provide a prepaid return shipping label for the used UPS or battery. 2.3 Pre-Contract Audit Prior to the start of the Service Pack 3-Year Extended Warranty, a Pre-Contract Audit will need to be performed. This audit will provide a comprehensive visual, environmental and electronic inspection to ensure the system meets the minimum requirements necessary for the Extended Warranty. Schneider Electric certified service personnel shall perform this audit. The vendor shall provide the customer with recommendations regarding any additional action items not included in this SOW. •3.0 ENTERPRISE WIDE CONTRACTOR MANPOWER REPORTING APPLICATION (ECMRA) The Contractor shall report Contractor labor hours (including subcontractor labor hours) required for the installation and performance of services provided under this contract for Contracted services excluded from reporting are based on Product Service Codes (PSCs). The excluded PSCs are: •1) W, Lease/Rental of Equipment; •2) X, Lease/Rental of Facilities; •3) Y, Construction of Structures and Facilities; •4) D, Automatic Data Processing and Telecommunications, IT and Telecom-Telecommunications Transmission (D304) and Internet (D322) ONLY; •5) S, Utilities ONLY; •6) V, Freight and Shipping ONLY. The Contractor is required to completely fill in all required data fields using the following web address www.ecmra.mil Reporting inputs will be for the labor executed during the period of performance during each Government fiscal year (FY), which runs October 1 through September 30. While inputs may be reported any time during the FY, all data shall be reported no later than October 31 of each calendar year. Contractors may direct questions to the help desk, at DoD.ECRMA.Support.Desk@mail.mil WARRANTY JUSTIFICATION The APC Symmetra LX UPS powers and protects the Siemens control system equipment throughout the Agile Chemical Facility. The UPS will supply power to critical elements of the process to ensure the system remains in a safe state and may be properly shutdown during a loss of power. FAR Part 45 encourages warranties for commercial items. APC Symmetra LX UPS Repair and Warranty Specifications APC Symmetra LX Battery Module •· 120V Battery output voltage •· Maintenance-free sealed Lead-Acid battery with suspended electrolyte : leak-proof •· 3-5 year expected battery life •· Maximum Height: 5.5inches (140MM, 14.0CM) •· Maximum Width: 8.26inches (210MM, 21.0CM) •· Maximum Depth: 21.5inches (546MM, 54.6CM) •· Operating Temperature: 32 - 104 °F (0 - 40 °C) •· Operating Relative Humidity: 0 - 95 % •· Operating Elevation: 0-10000ft (0-3000meters) Include in pricing (all shipping should be FOB Destination) Shipping to: Naval Surface Warfare Center IHEODTD Indian Head, MD 20640 52.247-34, FOB Destination; 52.204-19, Incorporation by Reference of Representations and Certifications (Dec 2014). 52.209-10, Prohibition on Contracting with Inverted Domestic Corporations (Nov 2015). 52.222-50, Combatting Trafficking in Persons (Mar 2015). 52.223-18, Encouraging Contractor Policies to Ban Text Messaging While Driving (Aug 2011). 52.232-39, Unenforceability of Unauthorized Obligations (Jun 2013). 52.232-40, Providing Accelerated Payments to Small Business Subcontractors (Dec 2013). 52.233-3, Protest After Award (Aug 1996). 52.233-4, Applicable Law for Breach of Contract Claim (Oct 2004). 252.203-7000, Requirements Relating to Compensation of Former DOD Officials (Sep 2011). 252.203-7002, Requirement to Inform Employees of Whistleblower Rights (Sep 2013). 252.204-7003, Control of Government Work Product (Apr 1992). 252.204-7008, Compliance with Safeguarding Covered Defense Information Controls (Deviation) 2016-O0001) (Oct 2015). 252.204-7012, Safeguarding Covered Defense Information and Cyber Incident Reporting (Deviation) 2016-O0001) (Oct 2015). 252.204-7015, Disclosure of Information to Litigation Support Contractors (Feb 2014). 252.225-7048, Export Controlled Items (Jun 2013). 252.232-7010, Levies on Contract Payments (Dec 2006). 252.247-7023, Transportation of Supplies by Sea (Apr 2014). Offer should be submitted and shall contain the following information: SOLICITATION NUMBER; NAME, ADDRESS, TELEPHONE NUMBER OF OFFEROR; DUNS NUMBER; CAGE CODE; TAX IDENTIFICATION NUMBER; PRICE AND ANY DISCOUNT TERMS; DELIVERY TIMEFRAME; GSA CONTRACT NUMBER IF APPLICAPBLE; AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF ALL SOLICITATION AMENDMENTS. Failure to furnish the required information, or reject the terms and conditions of this RFQ may be excluded from consideration. FACSIMILE AND EMAIL OFFERS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Points of contact: Contract Specialist/Administrator: Brandi Sorzano, Civ, Telephone: (301) 744-6908, Fax: FAX: 301-744-4055 E-Mail: brandi.sorzano@navy.mil IMPORTANT NOTICES: 1) RFQ submission must be in accordance with solicitation 2) Offerors must be registered in the Central Contractor Registry to be eligible for award (Ref. DFARS 252.204-7004, Required Central Contractor Registration). Registration is to be done through the System for Award Management (SAM) website https://www.sam.gov 3) All Amendments, if applicable, must be acknowledged. 4) Questions concerning this notice should be submitted to the Points of contact as indicated in this announcement. 5) PLEASE SEND ALL OFFERS TO ALL POINTS OF CONTACT
Web Link
FBO.gov Permalink
Place of Performance
Address: NSWC IHEODTD, INDIAN HEAD, Maryland, 20640, United States
Zip Code: 20640
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