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Notice Date
Notice Type
Combined Synopsis/Solicitation
541330 — Engineering Services
Contracting Office
Department of the Army, US Army Corps of Engineers, USACE District, Omaha, Attn: CENWO- CT, 1616 Capitol Ave, Omaha, Nebraska, 68102-4901, United States
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Archive Date
Point of Contact
Donna R. Larson, Phone: 4022903692
E-Mail Address
Small Business Set-Aside
Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business
SYNOPSIS INDEFINITE DELIVERY CONTRACT AWARD FOR A-E TECHNICAL SUPPORT SERVICES VETERANS AFFAIRS MONTANA HEALTH CARE SYSTEM FT HARRISON VAMC SEISMIC UPGRADE AND SPECIALTY CARE IMPROVEMENTS THE U.S. ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS, OMAHA DISTRICT 08 October 2019 Solicitation No: W9128F19R0041 Agency: Department of Army Office: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Omaha District Location: Ft Harrison, MT Title: A-E Technical Support Services in support of U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Health Care System, Ft. Harrison, Montana. INDEFINITE DELIVERY CONTRACT FOR ARCHITECT-ENGINEER SERVICES FOR OMAHA DISTRICT, US ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS Reference Number: W9128F19R0041 (Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)) set-aside. I. CONTRACT INFORMATION A. General This contract is being procured in accordance with the Selection of Architects and Engineers statute previously known as the Brooks Act (Public Law (PL) 92-582, as amended, the provisions outlined in Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Subpart 36.6 and the procedures provided in Engineer Pamphlet (EP) 715-1-7 Architect-Engineer Contracting in USACE. Firms will be selected for negotiation based on demonstrated competence and qualifications for the required work. The technical support services will be in support of the Omaha District (NWO) and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Health Care System, Ft Harrison, MT. Services will include all project planning support, Commissioning Agent (CxA) services, design and independent technical review support, partnering, and project/construction management support. The proposed contractor will provide support to NWO in managing design and construction for seismic upgrades and ancillary renovation to existing facilities, construction of a new acute inpatient specialty care building, construction of a new parking garage, and upgrades to the campus for physical security and resiliency. A-E Design services will be provided under a separate contract. Organizational Conflicts of Interest (OCI). In Accordance with FAR 9.505, the successful offeror from the A-E Design Services contract is barred from competing for the Technical Support Services A-E contract in support of Ft. Harrison VAMC project. The Contracting Officer has determined that an organizational conflict of interest would exist if the same firm is awarded both the Design and Technical Support Services contracts. B. Type and Number of Contracts NWO intends to award one (1) Indefinite Delivery, firm-fixed-price, Indefinite Delivery Contract (IDC) with a total contract capacity of $30 million. The awarded contract will consist of one (1) 5-year base period (commencing upon the date of award of this base contract) and five (5) 1-year option periods for a total contract term not to exceed ten (10) years. Task orders issued under this contract will have a minimum ordering amount of $2,500.00 and a maximum of $30,000,000.00. Multiple task orders are anticipated to be awarded between $500,000 and $10,000,000 in support of this project. Contract award is anticipated in the second quarter of Fiscal Year 2020. C. Competition Competition for this procurement is restricted to Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) concerns. Selected and successful firm will be required to comply with the subcontracting limitations as set forth by the FAR Clause 52.219-27 Notice of Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Set-Aside. (DEVIATION 2019-O0003), wherein stated in pertinent part, "Services (except construction), it will not pay more than 50 percent of the amount paid by the Government for contract performance to subcontractors that are not similarly situated entities. Any work that a similarly situated entity further subcontracts will count toward the 50 percent subcontract amount that cannot be exceeded." The North American Industry Classification (NAICS) code for this acquisition is 541330 Engineering Services, which has a SBA size standard of $16.5 million. Additional information on how to prepare an A-E submittal can be found in Engineering Pamphlet (EP) 715-1-4 - Competing for Architect-Engineer Contracts Awarded by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (9/30/2004), available on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) publications website: www.publications.usace.army.mil D. System for Award Management To be eligible for contract award, a firm must be registered in the Department of Defense (DoD) System for Award Management (SAM). Register via the SAM website at https://www.sam.gov or by contacting the Service Desk at 1-866-606-8220. Firms must register prior to the due date for responses to this synopsis in order to enable the Contracting Officer's review of SAM Exclusions. Ensure representations and certifications in SAM are current. E. Service Contract Labor Standards Firms are advised that the resulting contract will require that the wages and benefits of listed services employees (see FAR 22.10) be at least equal to those determined by the Department of Labor under the Service Contract Act, as determined relative to the employee's office location, not the location of the work. See http://www.wdol.gov for additional information. II. SELECTION PROCESS Selection for Contract Negotiation: In accordance with 40 U.S.C. Chapter 11 (Selection of Architects and Engineers Statute), the applicable provisions of the Competition in Contracting Act (Pub. L. 98-369, 98 Stat. 1175), the applicable provisions of the Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act (Pub. L. 103-355, 108 Stat. 3243), and FAR 16.5, NWO will select a single firm for contract negotiation using the procedures set forth in FAR Subpart 36.6 and Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) Subpart 236.6: • In accordance with FAR 36.602-3(a), NWO will review the Standard Form (SF) 330s submitted in response to this synopsis. • In accordance with FAR 36.602-3(b) and DFARS 236.602-1(a), NWO will evaluate those SF 330s in accordance with the criteria in FAR 36.602-1 and DFARS Procedures, Guidance, and Information (PGI) 236.602-1, as set forth in greater detail in this synopsis. • In accordance with FAR 36.602-3(c), NWO will hold discussions with at least three of the most highly qualified firms regarding concepts and the relative utility of alternative methods of furnishing the required services described in this synopsis. • On the basis of the above, in accordance with FAR 36.602-3(d), NWO will determine the firms most highly qualified to perform the required services described in this synopsis. • NWO will prepare a selection report recommending, in order of preference, at least three firms that are considered to be the most highly qualified. The Source Selection Authority will review the recommendations in accordance with FAR 36.602-3(d) and make the final selection of the most highly qualified firm. III. PROJECT INFORMATION This contract is intended to provide Technical Services support of planned construction projects at the Ft Harrison, MT VAMC. Preliminary planning is currently being performed to collect requisite information and better identify the requirements and details of these projects. The following information is tentative and meant to provide the proposed contractor with an idea of the general nature of the anticipated work. The Government reserves the right to update this information as project planning documentation is published and updated. The information below represents the most current information available and will be superseded upon the publication of the preliminary planning information which will be provided by the Government as Government-furnished information (GFI) as soon as it becomes available: Estimated Construction Cost (ECC). The current ECC is $320,000,000. Ref. DFARS 236.204 Disclosure of Magnitude. Construction Methodology. It is expected that there may be a variety of delivery methods employed for each facility involved in the Ft Harrison, MT VAMC project (ex. Design-Build, Design-Bid-Build, etc.). The anticipated contract capacity includes pre-design phase services, design phase services and construction phase services; however, the full capacity may not be required to complete the project. Construction Details. The following information represents the various construction objectives as they are currently known: Seismic upgrade of four main hospital buildings (Building 154, 154A, 141, and 150 - approximately 261,000 Building Gross Square Feet (BGSF). Both structural reinforcement and MEP stabilization are anticipated as part of the upgrades. Building 154 requires the most upgrade work including both structural reinforcement and MEP stabilization. Renovation (Reconstruction) of approximately 126,000 BGSF in the main hospital buildings (154, 154A, and 150) as necessary. Construction of a new 80,000 BGSF Acute Inpatient Care Facility. Construction of a new 480-space parking garage. Upgrade the Ft Harrison Campus to meet VA Physical Security requirements. Solar PV and Solar Hot Water Systems are included in these projects, as applicable. Anticipated Project Schedule. (Preliminary and subject to change based on construction funding and selected acquisition approach for construction of the project's major components.) Sept 2019 - A-E Design Services Contract Awarded Feb 2020 - A-E Technical Services Contract Award April 2021 - SD2 (35%) Design Submittal Sep 2029 - Project Construction Completion IV. ELEMENTS OF ANTICIPATED TASK ORDERS. This is a tentative listing of task order elements that may be issued to provide the Technical Services support to NWO for the project components described above. It generally describes the kind of support that will be required. The following information is tentative and meant to provide the proposed contractor with an idea of the general nature of the anticipated work. Under this contract, the Contractor will provide technical review and assistance with scoping of other contractor's services, and will also provide direct support to the Government through the construction phase and project completion. Design Services will be provided under a separate contract. The Government reserves the right to reduce, modify, and/or add to any detail of this list as required to better meet the demands of the project as details become available: Project Planning Documentation. This will consist of the work required to support NWO to finalize the preliminary planning effort performed under the Project Book contract. While the main focus of the contract is Commissioning Agent, design review support, and Construction Management support, the work may include the following as needed to bridge the planning (Project Book) and design phases of the project: a. Site master plan management b. Medical facility planning support c. Planning/Design Charrette support d. Support to review designer of record (DOR) submitted updates to the Concepts of Operations e. Coordination and assistance in defining existing site conditions/tabulations of facility deficiencies f. Performing safety risk assessments based on submitted designs. g. Collection of facility data from archives to support NWO design and quality management activities. h. Review of notional budgetary ‘fit test' concept designs i. Reviewing healthcare workload projection data j. Reviewing conceptual site development k. Economic analyses reviews. l. Medical equipment planning and procurement planning support m. Initial outfitting and transition planning support and other low-voltage equipment design review support. n. Reviewing budgetary construction cost estimates (parametric) o. Review and assistance in performing hazardous materials surveys and abatement specifications p. Consolidated planning reporting and development of other data related to facility decision support q. Site visits r. Attendance and participation in coordination meetings, status meetings, and design review conferences. Facility Design Review Support and RFP Document Development. This work will consist of supporting NWO in reviewing the detailed engineering and architectural products, plans, specifications, cost estimates, and construction bid documents during construction acquisition. This work also consists of supporting NWO in developing A/E design and construction RFPs, cost estimating, scope development, and proposal review. This work may be awarded as individual task orders or as a single task order with options for follow-on work. Work may include (but not be limited to) any or all of the following: a. Review of architectural and engineering designs, drawings, plans, and specifications (all applicable disciplines) b. Support to design charrettes c. Review of design/engineering analyses and narratives to meet project requirements (to include but not limited to: seismic, architectural, geotechnical, foundation, structural, civil, mechanical, electrical, telecommunications, low voltage, etc.) d. Design quality management support e. Computer Aided Design (CAD) necessary to support NWO design and quality management efforts. f. Building Information Modeling (BIM) management support g. Sustainability management support and certification documentation preparation (LEED) h. Interior design review. i. Review of architectural renderings and color boards j. A/E design and construction cost estimates (budget, parametric, and detailed) to support government's Independent Government Estimate (IGE). k. Integrated Master Schedule maintenance. l. Engineering studies need to facilitate government decisions on design and code variances, waivers, and equivalency requests from the DOR. m. Topographic and/or geotechnical surveys as needed to support government reviews and approval of waiver/equivalency requests from the DOR. n. Subsurface investigations as needed to resolve issues regarding design reviews. o. Environmental documentation management (NEPA, etc.) p. Permits, licenses, and approvals management. q. Review and management of submittal registers r. Managing as-built drawing distribution and Operation and Maintenance Manuals s. Interim life safety measures (ILSM) planning support t. Infection control risk mitigation planning support. u. Construction phasing planning support. v. Evaluation and coordination of the use of swing space during construction w. Finalizing of A/E design and construction contractor bid documents (Request for Proposal w/boilerplate, plans & specs, front end specs) for Design-Bid-Build, Design-Build methodology, or other as appropriate x. Processing government forms related to real property disposition y. Attendance and participation in coordination meetings, status meetings, and design review conferences. z. Attendance at, participation in, and document management of, Value Engineering activities aa. Earned Value management bb. Knowledge management in support of NWO project/construction management efforts. cc. Support of Cost Schedule Risk Analysis (CSRA) and Project Definition Rating Index (PDRI) Activities Facilitated Partnering. This work will consist of supporting NWO in helping the project team to collaborate, build consensus on common goals and objectives, communicate effectively, establish performance metrics, proactively plan/look ahead, and prevent and resolve disputes at the project level. This work may be awarded as individual task orders or as a single task order with options for follow-on work. Work may include (but not be limited to) any or all of the following: a. PDT partnering sessions designed to initiate teambuilding, set expectations, and common goals b. Creation of a project charter c. Partnering update sessions during project execution d. Post-Milestone After Action Reviews (AAR) and Lessons Learned development e. Facilitated Leadership partnering meetings. f. Project Definition Rating Index (PDRI) and Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis (CSRA) meeting facilitation and support. g. Post-Construction Meeting (AAR) and project close-out support. Commissioning Agent Support. This work will consist of supporting NWO in helping the project team to establish measureable project performance requirements; plan and execute the commissioning process; verify and document compliance with requirements; and effectively transfer knowledge to the building operations team. This work may be awarded as individual task orders or as a single task order with options for follow-on work. Work may include (but not be limited to) any or all of the following: a. Developing and maintaining the Owner's Project Requirements (OPR) and project commissioning plan and checklists as appropriate b. Editing commissioning specifications c. Reviewing Designs, Bid (and other) Documents and RFPs for compliance with whole building commissioning requirements d. Serve as the Project Commissioning Agent (CxA) in accordance with the requirements identified in the VA Whole Building Commissioning Process Manual and DVA/USACE commissioning specification 01 91 00.01. e. Oversee the knowledge transfer from the contractors to the building operations team. f. Attendance and participation in coordination meetings, status meetings, and design review conferences. g. Attendance and participation in commissioning activities through the duration of the project. Construction Management Support. This work will consist of all work necessary for the proposed contractor to support NWO during construction acquisition, construction, and post-construction phases of the project. This work may include, but is not limited to: a. Managing bidder inquiries and facilitating/reviewing answers from the A/E of Record b. Construction contract proposal evaluation (technical and/or cost) c. Construction submittal management and review (documents, materials, fixtures, equipment, samples, plant materials, color samples, etc.) d. Request for Information (RFI) management and support e. Shop drawing submittal management and review support f. Engineering change proposal management and review support g. Site visits & construction quality inspection services h. Commissioning support services i. Construction progress documentation j. Forensic engineering k. Engineering/design services during construction to accommodate the contract modification process. l. Periodic field visits m. In-person meetings and teleconference attendance n. Coordination with other stakeholders (i.e. Government, A/E Design firm, Construction contractor(s) etc.) o. Attendance and participation in coordination meetings and status meetings (in-person and/or telecon) p. Post occupancy validation of systems q. Detailed review of low voltage system submittals, system installation and integration r. Activation support Project Management Support. This work will consist of supporting NWO in helping the project team to manage cost, schedule, quality, and risks for the project. This work may be awarded as individual task orders or as a single task order with options for follow-on work. Work may include (but not be limited to) any or all of the following: a. Develop and maintain risk management plan, registers, and issues tracking b. Develop and maintain change management plan, register, and tracking system c. Establish and maintain project controls system for cost and schedule control to include earned value reporting d. Maintain internal and external project information system e. Manage project communications, meeting schedules, agendas, and records V. SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS A. General Instructions Submit an SF 330, following the instructions set forth in that form except as supplemented below. Do not submit any additional information not required by the SF 330's instructions as supplemented by the supplemental instructions set forth below. NWO will not consider any such additional information in its evaluation of firms' SF 330s. Except as otherwise permitted below, firms must use the fillable version of SF 330 available on the U.S. General Services Administration website at https://www.gsa.gov/portal/forms/download/116486, using the space available and font settings embedded in that document. Submit the SF 330 and required attachments via DoD SAFE no later than 11:00 am (Central) on 8 November 2019. This is not a request for proposal. Please review how to submit using DoD SAFE at https://safe.apps.mil before the deadline. INCLUDE A COMPLETE COPY OF THE SUBMITTAL (AN SF 330 PART 1 + SF 330 PART II FOR THE PRIME FIRM AND ALL CONSULTANTS/SUBCONTRACTORS), AS A SINGLE PDF FILE. Submittal must clearly identify the announcement number. Regulation requires that the Selection Board not consider any submittals received after the specified time and date. Late proposal rules in FAR 15.208 will be followed for submittals received after 2:00pm Central time on the closing date specified in this announcement. The submittal shall have a page limit of 100 pages as identified in the *.pdf electronic file page count. Blank sheets/Tabs separating the sections within the SF 330 will not count against the maximum page count and shall be labelled "This page left blank intentionally." All fonts shall be at least 10 pitch or larger. Pages, if printed, shall be 8-1/2 inches by 11 inches. Organizational charts, if printed, may be up to 11 inches by 17 inches. Joint ventures shall submit the following additional documentation of the evidence of a joint venture entity: 1) Firms shall provide a copy of a legally binding joint venture agreement, and 2) Identification of the party who can legally bind the joint venture. Joint Venture agreements will not count against the page count. Solicitation packages are not provided and no additional project information will be given to firms during the announcement period. B. Supplemental Instructions 1. SF 330 Part I, Section C If additional room is needed to complete Part I, Section C because the proposed team consists of more than six firms, attach as many additional Part I, Section Cs as necessary to complete Part I, Section C. If submitting additional Part I, Section Cs, alter the identifiers in the first column (i.e., a. - f.) using the same convention so that each member of the team has a unique identifier. For example, the first six firms would be identified as a. - f., the second six firms would be identified as g. - i., and so on. 2. SF 330 Part I, Section D Submit an organization chart illustrating all team members (i.e., firms listed in Part I, Section C) and disciplines, identifying the applicable experience levels as listed on Attachment A. The submitted org chart, if printed, shall be no larger than one page (11" x 17") and provided in PDF format. See Attachment B example provided. The intent of the example is to demonstrate the level of detail expected by the Government, not to dictate an organizational structure for the team or format for the organization chart. See Attachment A for a list of all currently anticipated disciplines required to support this SATOC. 3. SF 330 Part I, Section E Firms shall demonstrate professional personnel qualifications and specialized experience in the project, design, and construction management support tasks of healthcare facilities construction/renovation projects for key disciplines. Key disciplines shall be required to be licensed, certified, or registered in their respective disciplines and meet additional requirements outlined below. Evaluation of these disciplines will consider education, training, relevant experience in project, design, and construction management support tasks of healthcare facilities construction/renovation projects, experience with commissioning, design/design review, and project and/or construction management of VA healthcare facilities, and longevity with the firm. Any past planning, project management, or construction management experience on USACE managed healthcare projects, or with VA managed healthcare projects, should be identified. (SF 330, Part I, Sections E & G). The positions listed below are defined by the following minimum experience levels and minimum education categories in their respective disciplines: • Subject Matter Expert (SME): 10 years experience; BA/BS degree • Senior: 5-10 years experience; BA/BS degree • Staff: 0-5 years experience; BA/BS degree Submit one Part I, Section E for each of the following key personnel: a. Program Manager (SME) b. Project Manager/Task Order Manager (Senior) c. Commissioning Agent (SME) d. Architect (SME) e. Structural Engineer (SME) f. Geotechnical Engineer (SME) g. Civil Engineer (SME) h. Mechanical Engineer (SME)* i. Electrical Engineer (SME)* j. Fire Protection Engineer (SME)* k. Project Controls/Scheduler (Senior) l. Risk Manager (Senior) m. Medical Facility Planner (SME) n. Medical Equipment Planner (SME) o. Communications Systems Engineer (RCDD, SME)* p. Construction Manager (SME) q. Construction Quality Assurance Representative (SME) *Denotes anticipated commissioning support discipline Clearly identify the role of each individual on each resume submitted. Do not submit the same person for more than one discipline. 4. SF 330 Part I, Section F Submit at least three (3) and no more than five (5) projects that demonstrate your team's experience performing work similar to that described in this synopsis. To be considered, each project must been completed or have been within the last five (5) years leading up to the proposal due date of this acquisition. The submission for each project shall not exceed two pages. Submit one Part I, Section F for each project. Use no more than two pages per project. Please note: An indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity (IDIQ) contract or other similar ordering vehicle is not considered a "project". A single task order issued under an IDIQ or other similar ordering vehicle may be considered a "project". If additional room is needed to complete Block 25 because more than six firms from Part I, Section C were involved in the project, attach a continuation page providing only the necessary additional Block 25 information. Alter the firm identifiers in the first column as needed for consistency with Part I, Section C. 5. SF 330 Part I, Section G Submit up to two Part I, Section G pages (so all personnel with a Part I, Section F may be identified through a Part I, Section G, Block 28 "Example Projects Key") per the SF 330 instructions. 6. SF 330 Part I, Section H Submit one Part I, Section H for the requirement below. SF 330, Part I, Section H (Additional Information) shall contain the following information. a. Volume of DoD and VA Contracts Provide information regarding all DoD and VA A-E contracts awarded to all firms listed in Part I, Section C within the past twelve (12) months from issue date of this synopsis. List all contract numbers, task orders, and modifications, and include their award dates and total negotiated fees. Submit additional pages only if necessary to provide complete information. 7. Past Performance Submit information regarding past performance as an attachment to the SF 330. For each project submitted in Part I, Section F, submit one of the following: • A completed Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS) evaluation, if available. • If a completed CPARS evaluation is not available, submit a completed Past Performance Questionnaire (PPQ) for the project. The standard PPQ for USACE is Form PPQ-0 (9/30/11), and is provided as an attachment to this synopsis. Firms are advised to ensure correct phone numbers and email addresses are provided for the client point of contact. Do not submit a PPQ when a completed CPARS evaluation is available. • If the firm is unable to obtain a completed PPQ from a client for a project(s) before the submission closing date, the offeror should complete and submit the first page of the PPQ, which will provide contract and client information for the respective project(s). • Firms should follow up with clients/references to ensure timely submittal of questionnaires. If the client requests, questionnaires may be submitted directly to the Government's points of contact, Donna Larson, Contract Specialist, donna.r.larson@usace.army.mil; or Cheryl Bunting, Contracting Officer, Cheryl.a.bunting@usace.army.mil prior to the submission closing date. Firms shall instruct the clients to refer to the synopsis number in the subject line. • PPQs are source selection materials. All successfully submitted PPQs will receive an email confirmation upon receipt. If the firm does not receive the confirmation, it is the firm's responsibility to follow up to ensure the Government has received the information. In addition to the above, the Government may review other sources of information for evaluating past performance. Other sources may include, but are not limited to, past performance information retrieved through the PPIRS (Past Performance Information Retrieval System) including CPARS, using all CAGE/DUNS (Commercial and Government Entity/Data Universal Numbering System) numbers of team members (partnership, joint venture, teaming arrangement, or parent company/subsidiary/affiliate) identified in the firm's SF 330, inquiries of owner representative(s), FAPIIS (Federal Awardee Performance and Integrity Information System), or other databases; telephone interviews with organizations familiar with the firm's performance, Government personnel with personal knowledge of the firm's performance capability, and any other known sources not provided by the firm. While the Government may elect to consider data from other sources, the burden of providing detailed, current, accurate, and complete past performance information rests with the firm. In reviewing past performance information, the Government will take into account the relevancy of the past performed work in addition to how well the firm performed. 8. SF 330, Part II Submit one SF 330, Part II for each firm listed in Part I, Section C VI. SELECTION CRITERIA NWO will evaluate firms' qualifications under the selection criteria set forth below. The selection criteria are listed in descending order of importance. Criteria A through E are primary factors and will be evaluated for all firms. The remaining criteria are secondary factors and will be used only to distinguish between technically equal firms. The firms that demonstrate the highest aggregate qualifications relevant to the primary selection criteria will be considered the most highly qualified to perform the required services described in this synopsis. a. Specialized Experience and Technical Competence b. Professional Qualifications c. Past Performance d. Capacity e. Knowledge of Locality f. Geographic Proximity g. Volume of DOD Contract Awards PRIMARY CRITERIA: A. Specialized Experience and Technical Competence NWO will evaluate firms' specialized experience and technical competence in the type of work required, including an assessment of the breadth and depth of firms' demonstrated specialized experience and technical competence in the following: a. Whole Building Commissioning of healthcare facilities, specifically VA healthcare facilities. b. Partnering efforts for large, complex healthcare construction projects c. Design review management support for healthcare construction projects d. Project management and project controls for large, complex construction projects e. Construction management services for large, complex healthcare construction projects -additional consideration will be given to firms with experience in USACE administered construction projects. In determining the most highly qualified firm, the Government will also assess the breadth and depth of firms' demonstrated specialized experience and technical competence in Commissioning, Design Review, and Project and/or Construction Management in support of the following (in descending order of importance): Experience with medical facility renovations, with particular emphasis on the following: (1) Renovations for facilities with inpatient care that will require departmental relocation (2) Renovations of primary departments (e.g. operating and inpatient rooms) (3) Renovations involving construction phasing (4) Renovations utilizing swing space Experience with new medical facility construction, with particular emphasis on the following: (1) Hospital facilities and specialty care (acute inpatient care) clinics (2) Scopes of work with architectural, structural in accordance with DVA requirements, HVAC, medical plumbing, fire protection, low voltage and communications systems and design for medical equipment and supporting systems (3) Medical campuses with challenging space constraints within dense urbanized environments (4) New construction involving construction phasing Experience with seismic retrofits, with particular emphasis on the following: (1) Structures with challenging subsurface geological conditions (2) Use of non-linear building analysis (3) Designs in accordance with DVA H-18-8 Seismic Design Requirements or similar equivalent (4) Diverse application of seismic retrofit methods and technologies B. Professional Qualifications NWO will evaluate firms' professional qualifications necessary for satisfactory performance of the required services, including an evaluation of the relevant licenses, certifications, and registrations for each discipline. Evaluation will consider education, training, relevant experience in development, execution, management and oversight of healthcare facilities construction/renovation projects, experience with commissioning, design/design review, and project and/or construction management of healthcare facilities construction/renovation projects - with an emphasis on VA facilities - and longevity with the firm. C. Past Performance NWO will evaluate firms' past performance on the projects submitted in SF 330 Part I, Section F in terms of cost control, quality of work, performance schedules, and small business subcontracting, and regulatory compliance D. Capacity NWO will evaluate firms' ability to meet workload requirements (including multiple concurrent task orders) primarily through a review of Part II of firms' SF 330s, but may consider any other relevant information bearing on capacity. Please also demonstrate how your firm will comply with the subcontracting limitations as set forth by the FAR Clause 52.219-27 Notice of Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Set-Aside. (DEVIATION 2019-O0003). ***Provide a 1-2 page narrative describing firm/teams capacity to support the work*** E. Knowledge of Locality NWO will evaluate firms' demonstrated knowledge of local conditions within NWO's area of responsibility. NWO will take into consideration projects that demonstrate similar conditions as those contained in this project. Examples of local condition include geology, unique or unusual local construction methods, site constraints, environmental condition, and rural/remote locations SECONDARY CRITERIA: F. Geographic Proximity NWO will evaluate firms' geographic proximity to the work to be performed. G. Volume of DoD Contract Awards NWO will evaluate firms' total volume of DoD contracts awarded in the twelve (12) months prior to the issue date of this synopsis as set forth in Part I, Section H. Volume of work shall be demonstrated in a table format and be categorized by contract, task order, project award, completion dates, and dollar amount. VII. QUESTIONS AND INQUIRIES ABOUT THIS SYNOPSIS Submit all inquiries regarding this synopsis via ProjNet-Bid. Telephone and email inquiries will not be accepted. ProjNet-Bid is a web-based program that allows submitters to post questions regarding the synopsis and to view all questions by other submitters and answers by NWO. ProjNet-Bid can be accessed through ProjNet at https://www.projnet.org/projnet/. To access the ProjNet-Bid website the first time: (1) Click the Bid tab (2) Click Bidder Inquiry. (The Agency is USACE.) (3) Enter the following information for access: a. The Bidder Inquiry Key: UMFUA5-PCBG5T b. Valid business contact information (e.g., company name, contact person, business address, phone number and email address) (required on first project only) c. Establish secret question and answer which will be used as a password. (Required on first project only.) (4) For subsequent access use your email address, the Bid Inquiry Key and response to the secret question to access the ProjNet-Bid Module. (5) Submit questions or review questions and answers. (A firm that submits a question will receive an automated email notification that its question has been received. When an answer is posted to a question, the question and answer are then available for all other firms to review. (6) For a specific step-by-step for POSTING YOUR INQUIRIES, is available in the Reference link on the Contract Viewer. (7) For questions about the ProjNet-Bid, please contact the Call Center help desk toll free at 1-800-428-HELP, which operates from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Pacific US time zone). ProjNet-Bid questions can also be emailed to the helpdesk at staff@rcesupport.com. The cutoff for questions and inquires is 28 October 2019 at 2:00 PM (Central). All firms submitting an SF 330 in response to this synopsis will be held to have reviewed the questions and responses in ProjNet-Bid prior to their submission. Administrative questions should be directed to Donna Larson, Contract Specialist, donna.r.larson@usace.army.mil; or Cheryl Bunting, Contracting Officer, Cheryl.a.bunting@usace.army.mil
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